American IPO market encounters cold current leaves year new appear on the market company only 4

China Daily net is integrated on Feburary 19 report of the intermediary outside occupying, american IPO traded January the amount is 0, in Feburary so far new the company that appear on the market has 4 only, these 4 companies all drop inside the time that a week restricts after appearing on the market broken release price. The United States makes public collect first (IPO) market is encountering cold current.

According to " wall street daily " the report says, in nearly 175 companies that appeared on the market in the United States first 2015, the company of more than 70%'s current share price under its IPO price, drop on average it is about 20% . In 10 stocks with the biggest 2015 dimensions of American market IPO, 9 share price already dropped nowadays broken IPO price, drop on average it is about 25% .

Market person energy of life begins to drop in temperature stage by stage from Spring 2015, this year fall suddenly first to freezing point. At the beginning of 20

15 since, 500 indexes of standard general Er accumulative total drops about 6.9% , na Sida restrains aggregate index drop for 5.3% , and since this year drop amount to 10% .

" wall street daily " point out, this state makes new IPO trades in be in adverse environment, this one change may give appear on the market the Silicon Valley of the birthplace of the company and gain profit because of IPO upsurge in recent years quite the wall street of abundant causes far-reaching effect.

Many bank group public figure and investment combination manager express, by 2015, the application document that company of value of a few overmeasure submitted a hope to appear on the market in before 2016 a few months sadly, but later these companies were deferred appear on the market plan, because market is small,confuse.

" wall street daily " cite Switzerland credit (stock of Credit Suisse) responsible United States issues trading Ford (Jill Ford) says, a lot of do not appear on the market the company wants to be in originally next IPO of the application inside 6 months, but look now may defer a few months; Everybody's schedule is deferred possibly a few.

In addition, bai Shang invests (Bessemer Venture Partners) the copartner that is stationed in Silicon Valley office enlighten special (Byron Deeter) also expresses, the window of IPO basically was shut now, last year already the company of later period newly established of procuration capital is asked new examine and verify its the pay plan 2016, can realize gain in order to ensure resort place manages ready money, such these companies need not be counted on only raise money more capital.

And make those still did not appear on the market most what the company is anxious more is, a few already appeared on the market the appraise of company of person of the same trade is worth considerably shrink. Include Netflix Inc. With Yamaxun company inside standard general Er 500 indexes electron is retail kind heretofore of the beginning of the year drops about 19% , internet software and service kind already dropped 2016 6% the left and right sides, include Alphabet Inc of cereal song parent company among them. With Facebook Inc. .

In recent years companies of a lot of science and technology choose to appear

on the market publicly no longer, because they can be in illicit collect financing,with overmeasure the cost raises capital, but analyst and investor state this kind of situation won't continue possibly. It is not easy also that these companies get lost to appear on the market publicly now.

Below the case that closes almost in IPO window, investor people be willing so no longer not plan cost ground investment grows, and the difficulty of financing is increased. Because this a lot of blame appear on the market,the company is in cut cost in order to save fund.

The analyst says, the blame that they predict to those need financing appears on the market the company pays need fair price, undertaking for example new when capital of round of venture and financing of illicit collect equity, appraise value is met under before a few rounds.

A few analysts and tall canal say, of IPO put delay to also have its advantageous one side. The identity manages platform Okta Inc. Todd McKinnon of associated author, CEO says, buy science and technology to those seeking kind for the company of newly established enterprise, come for years the situation with appraise exorbitant value is changed somewhat eventually.

He says, okta need not financing, but undertaking with 4 companies and buy a negotiation, result how wait and see what happens.

(original title: American IPO market encounters cold current leaves year new appear on the market company only 4)

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