British royal family " most bud sibling " will follow parental Williams Kate visits Europe

In report will occupy new network on July 4 the company reports in the center of Taiwan, british tall treats young prince and li

ttle sister Xia Luo the summer vacation of especially small princess will be rich and colorful, because they are preparing,go to Europe to spread out a royal family to visit the journey with parental Williams prince and Princess Kate.

Palace expresses Kenxindu, there are two children in the visit that British Cambridge duke and madam will go to Germany and Poland a bit late this month.

Williams prince and Kate will take baby children to visit 5 days, before 17 sunrise are sent, toward polish capital Warsaw develops the stroke, 21 days end in German hamburger.

Palace spokesman says Kenxindu, two royal families year young member appears in several circumstances to major general, their family very expect to be mixed with Germany polish people mee


Palace spokesman says Kenxindu: Cantabrigian duke and madam special expect to be visited this, happy in seeing the journey, already discharged decided interesting and diversiform activity.

He says: They decide to taking George the princess visits prince and Charlotte together, we anticipate the visit in a week of by a definite date is medium, two children can be at least in a few circumstances appear.

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