Division of music of French Summer Solstice is held in high temperature and strong security

Paris of Xinhua News Agency on June 22 report (the reporter answers Jiang Yaodan) division of annual music of French Summer Solstice is 21 days late below high temperature and more severe security measure hold as scheduled, near 1 . The musical show of each different is in 80 thousand styles the ave lane of French each district is performed.

This year during solstitial music division, the philharmonic from campus arrives Le Tan's popular Euramerican singer, reckon nearly 5 million philharmonic participated in this one grand occasion. Musical division is shirt-sleeve rock-and-roll, symphonic, popularity is happy, jazz wait for all sorts of music forms, the musical show of all sorts of dimensions is performed in French each district, station of bistro, park, subway, square became musical show spot, open freely to the public. In addition, french each district still rolled out the musical show that plans for children only.

With what differ before be, musical division does not have specific topic this year. Fulangsuowasi Nisen of Fren

ch culture minister expresses, she does not want to let specific topic hold back the earth's surface of freedom of form of music of avery kind of to show.

Because horror of near future of a few countries assaults incident frequency hair, this year during musical division special strengthened security measure. The government says, 40 thousand soldiers and police patrol in French each district that evening, sharing the main show room with more personnel, each entrance is severe add prevent accuse, around all deploy patron wagon and emergency treatment car.

Suffer lasted recently the influence of high temperature, the ministry distributes land to the show of a few music of the area is cancelled or be deferred during musical division. But high temperature is enthusiastic without what reduce a philharmonic, in a few cafe and cafeteria, many people are initiative have a show. To avoid high temperature effect, many musical shows are arranged in the late evening, last to before dawn all the time. To make the audience enjoys annual musical grand ceremony better, france is very much urban public traffic all

night operation.

Division of music of French Summer Solstice only then achieve 1982, by when hold the post of Jacques Lang of French culture minister to initiate. Nowadays, solstitial music division already made activity of a kind of global culture, hold in 100 many countries and area success.

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