Lawyer of case of Zhang Ying glume: Family very the capital punishment that sadness hopes the suspect is the most severe

American judiciary at Beijing time before dawn releases an information yesterday, FBI explore member those who thought to be missing more than days 20 in the United States is medium big alumna Zhang Ying clever had died, police arrested suspect Kelisitengsen of 28 years old, he is accused to kidnap Zhang Ying glume. This suspect is current with Zhang Ying glume assiduously studies a doctor's degree in same place school, ever held the position of assistant.

The Xiang Na of Wang Zhidong of Chicago Chinese lawyer that obligation is family of Zhang Ying glume to offer law to seek advice the reporter expresses, the father of Zhang Ying glume very sadness, the hope gives a suspect with the most severe penalty: Capital punishment, zhang Jiaxi hopes to be able to find Zhang Ying glume as soon as possible, take her to come home.

The accident finds experience thing vehicle after 3 days

The data that provides according to American judiciary shows, the suspect is called Kelisitengsen, this year 27 years old, be with Zhang Ying glume is the same as school (school of cent of champagne of university of Yi Linuo Yi) physics is reading a doctoral student, he is Illinois champagne area (school seat) person.

At present this suspect has been sued, question of first time listen will have in the court on July 3 local time. The father of Zhang Ying glume and relative, China is stationed in university of Chicago consulate, Yi Linuo Yi to had been informed to overcome Lisitengsen to be arrested.

Zhang Ying glume this year 4 to the United States is in between May school of university champagne cent reads Yilinuoyi, local time on June 9 midday, zhang Ying glume was in the manager of a house property of apartment to send a short message to place with the mobile phone, original plan goes signing lease. In the short message that sends house property the manager, zhang Ying glume expresses, she may be late 10 minutes or so, predict to be in that day 14 when arrive 10 minutes.

That day 13 when 56 minutes, zhang Ying glume is filmed try to make stop

bus of a M T D, and this bus Cong Zhangying clever beside had sailed, did not stop. 14 when 04 minutes, the suspect is driving black car appears in monitoring, after the talk that passes 27 seconds, on Zhang Ying glume this black car, be missing to fail to be contacted again so far.

On June 12, police searched the database of Illinois car, search register in Illinois, the car that accords with the description in monitoring kinescope, this second search found 18 to register those who be in place to be the same as paragraph car in all, police narrowed further through search of other and communal database limits, be opposite subsequently these car and car advocate had an inquiry.

On June 12 20 when 10 minutes or so, the police officer visits the suspect's dwelling place, discovered in its apartment parking lot an Illinois license plate is P 399495 2008 car of paragraph black Saturn, according to car database, the suspect is the owner of this car.

Suspect car damaged eventually let the cat out of the bag

Subsequently, police interrogate suspect, but the suspect expresses to he slept in the home that day or play game in the accident, had not gone out at all. He also allows police to ransack car, regretful is, police arrived without search in the car that day any valuable clew.

On June 14, the course analyses discovery further to monitoring video, the suspect's car has skylight, and there is place damaged on over cap of off-front wheel tire. Subsequently, police returned suspect abode, and affirm this car also has damaged in off-front wheel over cap, the car height be identical in this and monitoring kinescope. Be this important information, let a FBI fix experience thing car.

On June 14, court of mid area federal approved American Illinois one ransacks your, approval seeks the thing on the body when Zhang Ying glume is missing in suspect car, include the testimony such as the trace. On June 15, the suspect accepted the ask of police, in representing the course that ever drove that day, discovery has inferior descendants female is carrying knapsack on the back to stand in the corner, expression is very anxious.

Suspect and Zhang Ying clever Zhang Ying glume is informed after chatting simply fast was late, express to be able to carry her one Cheng, subsequently Zhang Ying glume got on his car, returned him to demonstrate to want the place that go with software of mobile phone navigation on board. The suspect expresses, turn because of oneself later wrong the turn brings about Zhang Ying glume to begin to frighten, next he let Zhang Ying glume leave a car.

The suspect ever enquired in post of the hair on the net how abduct

On June 15, FBI explore member application arrived to ransack federally your, begin to check the mobile phone of suspect hold. Through inquiry, will control on April 29 this year, this mobile phone visited a website a forum, issue a card, caption is to enquire perfect abduct is what kind of.

On June 15, according to ransacks your, FBI explore member ransacked the suspect's car. Shipped car office of FBI Chun Tian after 3 days.

According to the probe of the FBI, the Zhang Ying on the suspect's car clever those who had sat is deputy drive the position, once had clear washed mark, according to FBI experience judgement, this is a kind of behavior that tries to conceal and destroy evidence.

Since June 16, 2017, execute the law the branch begins to undertake monitoring to the suspect, monitor all his activities.

On June 29, the suspect is discovered on record of a paragraph of frequency Ceng Di arrived how did he kidnap Zhang Ying glume. The suspect expresses his Jiang Zhangying clever the apartment that brought back him, disobey her apiration, the captivity in the apartment in him her.

Till June 30, 2017, zhang Ying glume still is in be missing condition. Be based on this circumstance, and other the fact that discovers in investigating a process, the FBI thinks, zhang Ying glume already be murdered, and be suspected of kidnapping the suspect of Zhang Ying glume is Kelisitengsen.


Beautiful square president: Will hold commemorative activity

The gregarious Zhang date according to suspect Kelisitengsen shows, he is current with Zhang Ying glume assiduously studies a doctor's degree in same place school, ever still had held the position of assistant, he in Weisikangxin Mai Dixun university reads undergraduate course, after obtaining physical

bachelor's degree, return Ceng Yu 2012-2013 year research assistant is held the position of in Switzerland. After coming back from Switzerland, at beginning to be in 2013 Yi holds the position of graduate student assistant greatly, duty is guidance and management about 20 students, he is in charge of supervising, grading and invigilate.

Since January 2014, he holds the position of doctoral student researcher in the school all the time.

The champagne of university of Yi of Nuo of school Yi benefit of Zhang Ying glume divided officer president Jones to issue the open letter of an expression sadness on July 1 morning at Beijing time, express in the letter: Indecipherable why can produce such dread feeling, a few days of future, we will greet justice and fairness. Tomorrow night, the school will hold commemorative activity, no matter where you come from, this is together with the school please momently.

Let us one case please, be the same as the family of Zhang Ying glume one case, spend this hard hour. President Jones says.

The lawyer appeals the Chinese plays message of first time listen

American judicial department will local time on July 3, in Illinois federal regional court begins message of first time listen, local lawyer appeals the Chinese plays this second listen message together, appeal the Chinese that has voting right can be striven for enter jury. At present they had been organized, undertake preparatory to the relevant activity July 3.

Dispatch of first time listen is to decide to whether give suspect be bailed out await trial commonly. The detail to the case should not be involved, if do not have await trial of allow be bailed out, the suspect can continue to be executed the law by federal mechanism place control. More Chinese is present, face a judge, can give its pressure, reject await trial of suspect be bailed out. If be white man jury, apparent meeting is liable to the suspect. Lawyer Mr Guo of Illinois tells south reporter.

As we have learned, after police announced the news that the suspect is arrested, the Chinese lawyer of Illinois place has been organized, they will make catchphrase catchword, will go on July 3 the court plays message of first time listen, this second appear in court whether to give suspect be bailed out await trial the decision. Lawyer Mr Guo the Cong Zhangying two years ago this school of clever place graduates, took a lawyer smoothly hold job seniority. He is right south the reporter says, zhang Ying glume still misses now,

The case detail that provides according to American judiciary is announced, suspect once Zhang Ying clever kidnap arrives in his apartment, and the deputy driver's seat of the car had been cleaned. To this, lawyer Mr Guo says: The FBI maintains bode ill rather than well, but I feel short of body, I maintain her living still, person of vivid inquire for, cadaver of dead inquire for.

Chapter home: The hope finds Zhang Ying glume as soon as possible

After kidnapping the suspect of Zhang Ying glume is arrested in the United States, south reporter special interview the Wang Zhidong of Chicago Chinese lawyer that obligation is family of Zhang Ying glume to offer law to seek advice, he expresses, the father of Zhang Ying glume is current very sadness, the hope gives a suspect the most severe penalty: Capital punishment. At the same time family hopes to be able to find Zhang Ying glume as soon as possible, take her to come home.

Occupy Wang Zhidong to divulge, victim and guilty suspect are not known, and Zhang Ying glume at ordinary times vigilance is very tall, but compare a road crazy, because the likelihood gets lost to drive time again, situation is urgent under just got on the car of stranger.

According to the information that police provides, on July 3, the suspect will have question of first time listen to the court. Wang Zhidong discloses, this listen question is main content is an inquiry whether does guilty suspect admit his guilt, whether is possible refer met await trial of be bailed out, but to a such law case, the court may be installed very high to recognizance, perhaps do not allow await trial of be bailed out.

Wang Zhidong expresses, the listen dispatch course July 3 will be quite short, because will tell from case itself, have 3 the mainest essential factor: Look for a car, look for a suspect, look for a victim, before now two had been finished, search a victim to won't need too long.

To await trial of be bailed out, the judge is in when ruling, a very important basis is, this person harms someone else likely. The suspect of this case, check just can think method proves this kind of possibility (have harm to someone else) it is very big, check just does not agree with await trial of suspect be bailed out for certain, how to rule finally nevertheless, bad still to say. Wang Zhidong says.

According to the staking blame that sues to the suspect at present, according to American federal law, because staking is brought about,be died by the kidnapper, can be sentenced capital punishment. Nevertheless suspect seat is Illinois, this city does not have capital punishment.

Check just sues convict with federal law, is not with Illinois the law is sued, believing pass consider one time, this explains check Founder is seeking the most severe penalty to punish criminal. Wang Zhidong says.

To Zhang Ying clever whether had died, wang Zhidong is right south the reporter says: According to the condition that I know, they did not find a body now, but had judged death basically. According to the United States the convention here, if this thing is not very certain, they also won't be told so probably.

Wang Zhidong is after the information that receives a suspect to be arrested, mix with police all the time the family of Zhang Ying glume is together, the father that he discloses Zhang Ying glume is current special sadness, and the apiration of chapter home is to find Zhang Ying glume as soon as possible, take her to come home next. To the suspect's adjudgement, family is told very clearly at present, hope convict is sentenced the most severe penalty: Capital punishment.

The father of Zhang Ying glume now very sadness, I think affirmation is all night difficult Mian. Wang Zhidong is right south the reporter discloses.

This edition interviews and write: South reporter Shen Peng

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