Wait for manage rebuild Toshiba will be preferential combine of as beautiful as day Han undertakes negotiating

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iba company that having management rebuilding decides formally on held council, put up with sells the banner leav

es semiconductor subsidiary belong to the same organization preferential combine of as beautiful as day Han undertakes negotiating.

Data chart: Toshiba

It is reported, combine of day beautiful Han is to be below the dominant of Japanese government the financial group that waits for composition by the semiconductor manufacturer of the investment fund of Japan and United States and Korea.

Toshiba company apt leaves the division semiconductor company " Toshiba packet " day of beautiful Han Lian that sells Japanese government dominant is comprised is fit, after discussing to this on the council that holds in 21 days, made formal decision.

It is reported, member of combine of day beautiful Han includes Japanese semiofficial fund " the industry innovates an orgnaization " , orgnaization of governmental system finance " Japanese policy invests a bank " , investment fund of the United States and Korea semiconductor manufacturer " SK Hailishi " etc, ensured in all the capital of 2 trillion yen.

Toshiba company will undertake combine of as beautiful as day Han negotiating finally henceforth, plan formal before plenary meeting of 28 days of shareholder is held this month autograph to make an appointment with. After Toshiba hopes to pass the law that is equivalent to Japanese antitrust law to examine in concerned each country, in next year will finish before the bottom in March offer the job, in order to because of,avoid successive two years endowment not pay a debt in kind or by labour and be cancelled to appear on the market by Tokyo stock exchange qualification.

Toshiba and another American semiconductor manufacturer " rich is connected " also undertook negotiating, this manufacturer puts forward buy the forehead to exceed day of beautiful Han combine, but the analysis thinks, toshiba is final the apiration of government of comply with Japan made a choice.

The cooperative square United States that goes up in semiconductor business in view of Toshiba western the requirement that data company raises to stop to sell to the court, object strongly to selling semiconductor subsidiary represents, can expect concerns a negotiation or will be faced with twists and turns again.

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