3 times breast enhancement amounts to American woman a person of extraordinary powers of X cover cup breeds bulk of every flesh ball exceeded 21000cc

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Pray to God via often can having rye, the hope can bestow oneself the cummer of cup of cover of a 36E, younger sister of gigantic after all breast is gent absolutely people love most. But can the gentleman that if your cummer is everybody of X cover cup,likes gigantic milk still love? We see the gigantic breed of the peak of the world now.

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ld Xu this year 39 years old, be called Chelsea Charms, it is the woman with American the at present oldest bust. Such fleshy ball is not inherent of course, chelsea altogether has had breast enhancement operation 3 times, she is dissatisfactory still after achieving HH cover cup the 2nd times.

Be in the 3rd times in breast enhancement operation, chelsea to bosom inside embedded polypropylene fiber rope (Polypropylene String) , use the breast enhancement operation of this kind of raw material to had been prohibited by Euramerican country at present, the reason is it has the possibility that increases indefinitely

When she completes operation of the last breast enhancement, the filler bulk inside every flesh ball is 2500cc, but doctor estimation is current the filler inside every flesh ball (polypropylene fiber rope) had increased by oneself, and exceeded 21000cc. Light says volume you may do not have a concept, talk about weight again

In May 2011, chelsea entered program of American TV interview " The Morning " , she tells compere this is right at that time the cover cup of bosom is 164XXX. Spring 2012, fleshy cone continues to increase like that, the weight of every flesh ball is 14 kilograms about at that time (go to this greatly portion on, it is very easy to say to become really again) .

The bosom goes to this greatly portion on, earning money also is not a problem to Chelsea. Besides take the title page of a thread-bound book to magazine of a few young numerous adults regularly, attend a few adults the activity to nocturnal inn, chelsea still has his website, the solid member that guild makes the video that releases his regularly. Although have the upper part of the body only, but already enough

Although already a few madder wives use this kind of dangerous breast enhancement today,the operation surmounted Chelsea, but she is tension of skin of the first challenge and back muscle limit after all, as a result overspreads the woman of the cup at achieving XXX.

The doctor of Chelsea once had worried about a lot of problems, for instance the filler of both sides increases rate to differ, perhaps carry strain of flesh, lumbar on the back to get hurt, with respect to the biconvex that gets on even the breast the organization loses consciousness possibly also is to face necrotic risk even.

But Chelsea states he wants to take out 3~5 hour to undertake each take exercise everyday, ensure bosom skin resembles baby silky and current all mad wives that adopting idolatrous attitude to gigantic bosom gather in south Africa, over operation of breast enhancement of polypropylene fiber rope is lawful, medical treatment method is relatively some more mature also.

Finally, no matter you now is to see more thirsty more, or already too impatient to wait wants to challenge Y or Z cover cup, we hope you can act on responsible to him body manner, look (of Jing Song) cover a map have to

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