Beautiful scientist or success diagnose gravitational wave to open cosmic mystery further

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In report occupied new network on January 13 Hong Kong " civil report " report, einstein offers gravitational wave theory in broad sense the theory of relativity, the scientist hopes all the time unlock this mystery is round. Get credible evidence according to saying American Arizona city establishs an university, say American laser disturbs gravitational wave observation to stand (LIGO) senses gravitational wave successfully already.

Data chart: The scientist uses 3 of bureau of American space navigation big observatory, in the light of the young galaxy group that exceeds great quality IDCS 1426 undertakes study.

LIGO studies the group is collecting data compose report, if the hearsay is belonged to solid, broad sense the theory of relativity is forecasted the most important will be able to confirm, make the mankind farther open cosmic mystery.

Einstein puts forward in broad sense the theory of relativity, material is in spatio-temporal in when motion, around curvature can be changed subsequently; If great quality object moves, for example two black holes collide, the curvature change that produces can resemb

le an euqally outward transmission, the pneumatics when bringing about shrinks, extend, this phenomenon attachs most importance to Li Bo.

LIGO reachs Louisiana city in capital Washington each furnish together giant lens, reappearance shoots laser, let beam of light between two lens come-and-go moves back and forth, diagnose the telecommunications interference inside beam of light again, conclude whether do its belong to gravitational wave. Consider to point out, although gravitational wave exists, chang Wei of its energy Yi Fei is small, when travelling the world, already disapp

eared almost, add electrify dispatch to violate source numerous, should be in in the center the sign that finds out gravitational wave, be like look for a needle in the ocean.

(Original title: Beautiful scientist or success diagnose gravitational wave to open cosmic mystery further)

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