CEO of pace of actor of American taxi company blocks Lannike why to resign reason

San Francisco of China News Service on June 21 report (reporter Liu Dan) pace of actor of American taxi company (Uber Technologies Inc. ) does collective patriarch hold the CEO concurrently Telaweisi? Kalannike resigns at 20 days by force of shareholder pressure.

20 days, 5 main shareholder cause actor condition the Lannike that believe card, ask he resigns instantly, these include the biggest investor of actor pace in partner. " new York Times " this acquisition letter says, 5 partner point out, actor condition need changes instantly leader layer, need looks ahead.

According to the report, kalannike seeks advice to member of a directorate, abdication agrees after talking things over with a few partner again, but continue to stay in the board of directors.

Kalannike of 40 years old says in abdication statement, I love to actor or actress the pace excels a world to go up everything. In this hardship hour, I accept partner to ask to resign, such actor paces are OK rally and rather than is pestered in dispute.


Actor or actress pace website information shows, in March 2009, are Kalannike and Jia strapped special? Camp established jointly in san Francisco company actor pace takes a taxi on the net, current and alive bound 613 cities operation, have 12 thousand stuff.

The actor situation that managed 8 years overturned taxi market and people tradition give travel traffic way, company estimate is worth about 68 billion dollar, also be labelled accordingly the most successful newly established company.

Since this year, many negative event and legal lawsuit make actor or actress pace figure drops greatly, method of culture of its duty field, management means, competition and the individual way that block Lannike and administrative group get the doubt of public figure of investor, media, industry and public.

The beginning of the year, one leaves his post woman engineer dispatch tells about him to ever was annoyed by boss sex, cause intense echo, much name currently holds the post ofthe employee before mixing to make public an individual to encounter in succession, include to the gender is annoyed and discriminate against incident.

Office of Bai Ling's attorney and office of Bo Qin's attorney are opposite the Kewendu that Ailikehuoerde leads the confederative attorney general of period of abstruse Ba Ma respectively of actor pace, howard published the proposal detailed list that improvement actors or actress pace company manages, include to remove among them certain powers and authorities of office of Kalannike.

The report says, actor pace 20 much people resign in succession or get the air, include official of presiding and financial long, presiding operation to wait for administrator of many high level. " wall street daily " say, last week, the superlative degree of Kalannike fastens assistant to be driven away by the board of directors.

In addition, actor pace is su

spected of encroaching alphabet of cereal song parent company subordinate drive automatically professional knowledge property right, be immersed in dispute of a law. Because use avoid of a software to execute the law,it is returned personnel and be faced with federal to execute the law another investigation of the orgnaization.

Kalannike's mother will pilot a boat in in May die in the accident, kalannike ever will express to will leave his post till the cows come home on June 13, mourn a mother, think over how to improve leader means at the same time.

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