Ear of 12 years old of girls becomes India " formic acupuncture point " everyday many ant climbs (graph)

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According to " Indian times " reported on January 25, the ear of a girl of 12 years old of India makes the home of big ant it seems that, everyday at least 10 climb from girl ear to 15 ant. The girl's symptom allows its doctor in charge of a case also very astonish, he states this kind of circumstance is on medical history unprecedented. However, the girl did not feel aching, after when the doctor is checked for the girl with celiac lens, also discovering those who lay eggs is formic.

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According to the report, this girl is called Da Erji of the Ya that apply luck. Shi Ruiya will complain to parents ear is uncomfortable last year in August, her father discovered big ant in her ear subsequently, take her to be in an examination to recent otolaryngology expert instantly next. The doctor discovered in her ear 9 to 10 ant.

Two week hind, the girl blames similar problem again, parents takes her to demand medical service to town of heart dust Sa. But the result is same still, big ant still climbs from girl ear. The family begs examine everywhere but from beginning to end cannot fish pathogeny.

Daersaniya also represents local otolaryngology expert, never also had seen this kind of case in his professional career of 32 years, ant is in ear of the Ya that apply luck worry, but she does not feel to ache however, ear also did not get hurt. Complement says Daersaniya, if big ant climbs from ear of the Ya that apply luck all the time, she should accept a doctor to observe for the kinescope that applies actually, this probably can unlock mystery is round.

Father Sang Jie of the girl amounts to Er auspicious (Sanjay Darji) states they try all sorts of methods to treat a disease for the daughter, see a doctor, appeal witch doctor, but do not have action. Sang Jie says: Because big ant entered her ear accidentally,this is not, because this is planted,won't happen everyday accidentally. He still states they are familial also do not have this kind of medical history. (The exercitation compiles: Equestrian handsome appropriate goes over a manuscript or draft: Tan Liya)

(original title: Imprint one girl ear becomes formic acupuncture point almost: Everyday more than 10 climb from which only (graph) )

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