Han rolls out 10 years of effective visa to China first the longest can stay 90 days (graph)

Login register Han of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to be rolled out to China first 10 years is effective visa the longest can you stay 90 days (graph) origin: ? ?2016-01-28 10:4 of contraction cowardly collateEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel [summary] rise from January 28, korea will relax for many times to go back and forth between the application condition of visa to Chinese tourist.

Korea travelled 2016 year just left year, korea promotes visa advantage policy again to Chinese tourist. 27 days of messages that come from ministry of Korea law Wu say, since January 28, korea will relax for many times to go back and forth between the application condition of visa to Chinese tourist, lengthen what stay every time to be restricted the most for a long time. In addition, han Fang returns the visa that will sign and issue period of efficacy be as long as 10 years first.

On October 2, 2015, dock of harbor of Korea boiler hill, the Chinese tourist of come back with fruitful results.

The longest retention is restricted to lengthen to 90 days

Ministry of Korea law Wu expresses 27 days, will from this month 28 days rise to relax for many times to go back and forth between the application condition of visa to Chinese tourist. The ground is new politics, the Chinese tourist of 55 years old of above can apply for for many times to go back and forth between visa, the age limit of this policy before this is in 60 years old of above.

Han couplet company says 27 days at this point, predict to will what 80 million Chinese includes visa going there and back for many times sign and issue an object.

In addition, visa every time the longest retention is restricted to also be lengthened from 30 days to 90 days.

Ministry of Korea law Wu returns the visa that will sign and issue period of efficacy to amount to 10 years first, the person that the special profession such as professor of lawyer, college is engaged in or after the person that have Master above tall record of formal schooling is dealing with visa, can apply for visa 10 years this.

Be in earlier before on January 20, ministry of sightseeing of Korea culture sports already announced, annual will be avoided this year receive poundage of visa of Chinese organization tourist. Before this, pay requires when Chinese organization tourist applies for visa 97 yuan charge, but because Korea erupts after middle east breath asks for epidemic situation integratedly to bring about Chinese tourist acute to decrease, korea government at Ceng Yu 7-9 month was avoided temporarily last year collect certificate fee of Chinese organization tourist. After this, this measure time limit is lengthened twice, already affirmed now will carry out up to now annual bott


Second half of the year will push Han to shed visa

Afore-mentioned visa are new politics just a series of visa that Han Fang drafts to was rolled out 2016 are new politics one part. Since this year March, the organization tourist of Chinese whole area still can apply electronic visa to go to Han. Additional, since second half of the year, korea government will provide for Chinese tourist only Han sheds visa (name of of short duration) . The Han that if Chinese citizen applies for this to plant,the photograph such as experience of travel and Han Liu, hairdressing, will recreational, culture combin

es sheds visa, the visa that can reduce the respect such as economic capacity, age, record of formal schooling, job not only asks, still can be in Korea is duty-free when inn shops, enjoy certain and convenience favourable act.

This, multinomial visa is new politics roll out be worth 2016 Korea to travel year. To encourage exchange visits of people of Sino-South Korean two countries, when Xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman visited Korea 2014, announce jointly with Korea president Piao Jinhui, will mix 2015 travelled for China certainly respectively 2016 year travel with Korea year.

Hanfang hopes, can travel in 2016 Korea year attract tourist of 8 million China to visit Han. To achieve this one goal, besides advantage is rolled out in visa respect new politics outside, han Fang still plans to add build passenger liner single user wharf, passenger liner is built in hill of aid city, boiler integrated referral center, roll out theme of passenger liner port of call to swim product.

In addition, in Korea whole area inn of 10 thousand many drawback, if the tourist shops,resent 200 thousand Han Yuan (add up to a RMB about 1100 yuan) , can enjoy drawback shopping service on the spot, enter a country every time each drawback shopping limitation is 1 million Han yuan (add up to a RMB about 5500 yuan) .

Korea style ministry still will throw 10 billion Han yuan, disentomb the travel product that has local distinguishing feature, from the operation since March join head Er is mixed the travel of local tourist attraction is direct car K-Travel Bus, develop the travel product of linkage of resource of passenger of as in relief as clear city, assist airport.

Hope China tourist is pulled move consumption

Roll out visa actively to Korea new politics wait for the act that attracts Chinese tourist, the analysis thinks, as product of car of attune of nowadays of of short duration, home appliance the measure of special consumption tax expires, korea home consumption is immersed in trough likely, accordingly, the force that Korea government hopes to be able to lend China the tourist is pulled move consumption.

According to forecasting, to 2019, chinese tourist will increase every year with 10% right-and-left speed. 2007, the Chinese tourist that visits Korea breaks through 1 million person-time to close greatly first, growth trend carries for years continuously later. The 2013-2014 of period of Han shedding at the height of power and splendour year, chinese tourist increases every year 40% the left and right sides.

From the point of the opportunity, this Han Fang rolls out the visa that is aimed at Chinese tourist new politics, drive before Chinese Spring Festival, hopeful of Korea department store is in a small climax is greeted during the Spring Festival this year.

The data that according to Korea each emporium provides, during Chinese National Day grew a holiday last year, the sale of each emporium ever had appeared to grow considerably, a few department store grow nearly 40% in the light of the Chinese's sale.

(original title: Korea rolls out 10 years of effective visa to China first (graph) )

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