Two countries of relation of kind and enmity of Cuba of graphic United States when disengage (graph)

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American the White House 18 days release a message formally to say, american president Aobama and madam Michelle will come 22 days to visit Cuba on March 21. Since Aobama will become Cuba to show political power build accordingly, the first place sets foot on the American president of this one insularity.

Outspread read: The action that Aobama will visit Cuba beauty republic party to condemn is a mistake (pursue) unscramble Aobama to visit Cuba to the reason affects or be his to leave diplomatic legacy Aobama announces formally in March: Will come 88 years to 22 days of departments on March 21 head visit

According to network of news of American cable television (CNN) report, abstruse Bama Zhou Si is pushed in its go up especially the news that announced to visit Cuba. My general straight face the difference of we and Cuba government, the United States defends rights of man inside alive bound limits forever. Aobama is written, next month, my general goes Cuba, drive us to improve the effort that Cuba people lives and process. Afp says, aobama will interview citizen society head in Cuba.

Report, since in December 2014, laoerkasiteluo announces leader of Aobama and Cuba after process of normalization of relation of open two countries, the outside expects to Cuba of Aobama visit long already. Last year spring, laoerkasiteluo realizes leader of Aobama and Cuba historic meet face-to-face. When Aobama will accept Yahoo news network to interview last year in December, express, he hopes to visited Cuba 2016, but the bilateral relationship that premise condition is beautiful ancient two countries obtains sufficient progress, and he can see personage meeting with Cuba politics different. The response at that time says Ministry

of Foreign Affairs of Reuter quote Cuba, greeting Aobama arrives visit, but the internal general affairs that does not interfere Cuba.

Reuter judges exposition and argumentation 18 days, if embark on a journey, this will be historic visit, for Aobama the foreign policy bequest inside lieutenancy puts on dense brushstroke again, the relation of these two long-term cold war adversary will receive antecedents history turning point. " wall street daily " say 18 days, aobama's visit will be beautiful age-old relationship those who stride is great one pace. Also be exclusive last be in an United States presidential visit Cuba is 1928, the president at that time is Ke Lizhi. After the Cuba revolution that leads in Feideerkasiteluo erupts before long, beautiful ancient two countries 1961 disengage.

Nevertheless, aobama visits Cuba message to come out that day, american president participates a person violent

to this assail. Republic dangshen chooses person rupee abstruse say to CNN, if he is a president, won't visit this island country, unless Cuba makes free land. He thinks, cuba government is the political power that turn over the United States. Another republic dangshen chooses a person to overcome Lu Ci to say, even if its father is Cuba immigrant, right also this visits Aobama to censure substantially: I feel, aobama made a real mistake. The president should drive Cuba to move toward freedom. Our home witnessed Cuba a variety of oppressing. We need the president of enemy of a straight face.

Last year August, the United States is in Cuba reopen embassy, after this includes Secretary of State Kerry inside many United States is curule arrive in succession visit Havana. CNN says, the classics trade channel between two countries restores, viatic limitation also is relaxed. Nevertheless, before removing to Cuba embargo, american citizen still cannot undertake real Cuba freedom goes. Assemblyman of a lot of United States objects removing contraband, unless Cuba stops suppress free speech and limitative human rights. American official shows 17 days, aobama arrives before visitting, cuba needs to indicate the desire that undertakes human rights is reformed. [round-the-world times is stationed in Wang Ning of reporter of American engage by special arrangement]

(Original title: Aobama will visit ancient: A piece of graph understands kind and enmity of Cuba United States)

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