U.S. Army new generation cheers prow second the test is cheered in the sky that finish (graph)

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American Boeing company cheers machine KC in the new generation sky for air force research and development - 46A succeeds to give a F in sky at 24 days - 16 opportunity for combat are cheered, the test is cheered in the sky that finish first.

KC-46A is being cheered in sky (data photograph) .

Boeing company says, this KC - 46A took off from Xiyatu that day, in Washington city the eastpart part in about 6000 meters sky, to a F - 16 add the fuel that noted about 725 kilograms.

Air force cheers engine project apparitor Richardson says Du Ke, this one successful test represents a move in chess or a movement in wushu year work hard begin to pay off.

Air force KC - 46 systems project is in charge of Kelisituofukumusi to say, although still a lot of jobs want to do, but today is exciting hour, it is important milestone more.

American media reports, KC - 46A uses Boeing by business 767 - 2C reforms and come, airborne capacity compares active service KC - cheer in 135 sky machine increase 15% to 20% , can carry about 100 people. This is cheered the research and development of machine is as high as 3.9 billion dollar with production charge.

KC - 46A will be finished last year in September first test-fly, before 24 days cheer a test in sky first, had trial flight 31 times in all.

Divide F - 16, KC - the machine that 46

A can serve is planted still include C - A of / of 17 transport, F - 18 bumblebee battleplan, A - 10 thunderbolt 2 with AV - 8B falcon 2 model attack plane.

" Xi Yatu times " report, according to the plan, up to this year the end of the year, KC - 46A still will be planted with additionally a few afore-mentioned machine the test is cheered in taking line space respectively.

Boeing add up to will build 179 KC for air force - 46A, predict before August 2017 consign 18, the reassign before 2027 161. Li Liangyong (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

(original title: U.S. Army new generation cheers prow second cheer in the sky that finish (graph) )


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