Yemen army checkpoint sends 7 dead IS to allege by suicidal type assault responsible

Inferior fourth message: Yemen police personage says, this country the south inferior bomb of car of type of suicide of 29 days of experience assaults checkpoint of a governmental army, cause 7 people death. The extreme organizes Mohammedan country to allege made this have assault event.

A local police officer that does not wish to disclose a full name tells a reporter, charger of type of a suicide is in governmental army checkpoint detonated the car that carries explosive, cause 7 soldiers to die on the spot. Inferior a medical personnel of public hospital says Ding She

ng, outside dying except 7 people, still person of know exactly about sth suffers serious injury.

Yemen branch was in Mohammedan country that day the network issues a statement on gregarious media, say this suicidal type assault causes arms of noncommissioned officer of about 15 governments to die, include female officer among them.

This explosion is apart from the presidential government office that Yemen president Hardy lives at present to count kilometre only. 28 days, assault of bomb of suicidal type car happens near presidential official residence. Local hospital respect confirms, assault causes 9 soldiers death, 14 people to get hurt.

September 2014, yemen Hu Saiwu installs capturing capital Sa that, hind occupational south area, force presidential Hardy to head for a Saudi Arabia to take refugee. In March 2015,

country of sanded special grade installs the war that starts code name to be decisive storm to act in the light of Hu Saiwu, in July, the government that supports Hardy army arm to be assisted in the sky of allied forces with tribe below, salihe of the president before be being mixed from Hu Saiwu outfit is recaptured in army hand inferior fourth. (Reporter Chen Lin)

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