Bagdad of go to a doctor of chief of IS exposing to the sun enlighten Turkey is gone to after getting hurt by air attack

According to British media " daily star signs up for " will report on December 9 local time, mohammedan country chieftain Bagdad enlighten after air attack experience is weighed, escape toward Libyan, iraqi TV station alleges bureau of the affection in the U上海千花网论坛nited States and Turkey information branch ever helped his head for Turkey go to a doctor.

Disclose according to message personage, this year October, bagdad enlighten badly-wounded after all in vain is raided, ever accepted treatment to Turkey. Iraqi TV station alleges bu上海千花网论坛reau of the affection in the United States and Bagdad of help of Turkey information branch enlighten into be buried country. Later Bagdad enlighten go going to Libyan.

It is reported, bagdad enlighten abscond everywhere in IS control area before this, in order to avoid concentrated air attack. Because fear to expose, he already disuse is all mobile phone and method of electric subclass communication. (Zhou Ji of reporter of round-the-world network coverage crystals clear)


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German premier is dedicated to reducing refugee number repatriate the refugee or into legal action

In report will occupy new network on December 14 outside intermediary report, local time 14 days, germany is in office one of parties base civilian alliance will hold party generation to meet, refugee policy will be central topic for discussion. To this, interior minister Demaiqiai expresses Germany, if did not come to Germany to be in repatriate refugee in border land, will be legal action. Nevertheless, demaiqiai also expresses, did not make such politics up to now decision-making. His explanation says: "If exterior border cannot get be protectived effectively, interior of Shen Gen area will not maintain the practice that prevents border land examination for a long time. Interior of Shen Gen area will not maintain the practice that prevents border land examination for a long time..

Demaiqiai emphasizes at the same time, the maintenance with exterior and attrib border European Union and the first place " that still have " time to go up with content with respect to the negotiation of refugee crisis with Turkey. "If take other step, that must direct when, is not to talk beforehand will talk. "If close border,this interior minister is alluded or will not beforehand announcement.

We need long-term and effective solution

Demaiqiai says, about the possibility that is in repatriate refugee in border land, be in early the topic for discussion that already will become a debate in September. At that time, as a result of a large number of new refugees from Hungarian swarm into with[......]

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Bay military plan patrols to Nanhai confirm the expert says or obtaining is the United States is driven

American of short duration is absent the message of cruise comes out to count a hour nevertheless near reef of Chinese Nanhai island, australia t上海千花网论坛ransmits military plan to carry out the message that voyage freedom flies in Nanhai however. BBC (BBC)15 day explodes makings say, staff member of near future BBC multiplies Philippine civil aircraft to be intercepted and capture in Nanhai flight process bay the radio of the army corresponds, hear bay square personnel says: China is Chinese navy, naval, we are Australian planes, be in according to convention of international civil aviation and treaty of U.N. ocean law right of freedom of voyage of international airspace travel. End. The report says, this year in November, american B-52 bomber flies across this area exasperate China, radio communication content explains bay the army also carries out similar flight job in this area.

Australian department of defense confirmed afore-mentioned flights subsequently. Australia " finance is commented on " say, bay spokesman of department of defense affirms what give out in the routine mission that executing by a definite date 9 days to afore-mentioned radio news are air man of Australian air force. This spokesman expresses, royal aircraftman wears Australia P-3C Orion scout will come to will execute routine in boreal the indian ocean and Nanhai on December 4 on November 25 maritime patrol the task, this is bay the one share that just maintains safety of southeast Asia area to be stabilized[......]

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Outside intermediary: How times or defer on Ming Xia of tone consumption tax holds lightning general election again

Log onto the intermediary outside registering text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: How times or defer on does Ming Xia of tone consumption tax hold: of origin of lightning general election again? ?2015-12-18 10:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

In report will occupy new network on December 18 outside intermediary report, japanese premier is installed times Jin Sanke can be deferred again on tone consumption tax, plan to be when election of senate of next year summer, disband Boule to hold lightning general election.

Data picture: Japanese premier brings times advance 3. Liu Zhen of new network reporter is photographed in

The report says, this action will make bring times leader from civilian party within the party finance standpatter feels disturbed. Public debt and social security cost will bring about a huge sum that official of Ministry of finance already worried about Japan governmental finance is afterwards hard.

Nevertheless, these is anxious that install won't let times reach its assistant to change mind. Personage of message of Japanese political circles says, how times waiting for a person is to be based on politics to plan at present economy of and rather than thinks will make policy.

Bring times government last year in April consumption tax from 5% on tone comes 8% hind, japanese economy is immersed in decline. Install times immediately to will[......]

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Bobby of Brazilian true person has his moment gigantic bosom of 32F of 1.5 feet fine waist denies plastic (group plan)

Login register Bobby of true person of Brazil of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to have one's moment does gigantic bosom of 32F of 1.5 feet fine waist deny plastic (group plan) origin: ?  tries know上海千花网论坛 well?2015-12-18 15:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel

According to England " daily Post " will report on December 17, 23 years old of girls of Nao of ministry cloth Lu Mei austral Brazil much Mi Anni of An Derui Sha (Andressa Damiani) have 20 inches (about 1.5 feet) of fine waist and 32F be proud person, be exactly like Bobby baby and Dishini Ai Ersha of princess of cartoon ice and snow, have one's moment network.

Be exactly like Bobby baby besides the figure besides, an Derui Sha still becomes angry through wearing invisible glasses and the Bobby baby figure in making up to present a reality to people. She opens netizen of Taoism of frequency of United States makeup to make up Ai Ersha on Youtube, win those who exceed 600 thousand vermicelli made from bean starch to chase after hold in both hands.

An Derui Sha likes others to call her Bobby baby or Ai Ersha, she says this raised her self-confident heart. She states a lot of people suspect her outside authenticity, think she is mixed through plastic be on a diet insalubriously will achieve a goal, but she denies herself to had done plastic to ex上海千花网论坛press to carry a figure usually only through walking a dog.

An Derui Sha says she when is very bashf[......]

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Flower thorough is checked " crouch in the home " the student prevents parents of thought of extreme be havinged " drug "

Sit ceaselessly in the light of Mohammedan country the current situation that thought of big, extreme transmits quickly in each country, british decision is severe the student crouchs in the home that examines education is in the home, with be on guard extreme thought is opposite teenage enroach on.

According to England " independent newspaper " 20 days of reports, stem from right by tens of thousands the student may be had by them of the parental place drug of extrem上海千花网论坛e thought anxious, england teachs Yo chancellery Buddhist nun radical the circumstance that Morgan already asked official of Ministry of Education checks the whole nation to be taught in the home. The report says, at present England may have 50 thousand 20 thousand students to accept education in the home, but specific figure still is not clear about.

Senior official says a government: Be in England, people always has the freedom that teachs the child in the home, a lot of people are done very well, but we also need to know where these students are, in order to decide they are safe. This official returns ground of call a spade a spade to point out, most parent did outstanding work, but possibly also among them a few parents use bane stuff the thought of their child.

British Ministry of Education publishs this one measure, with England a few adolescent are attended holy battle to concern even by extreme thought influe上海千花网论坛nce. This year in Feburary, 3 taste the British girl that learns to hold actor concurrently to[......]

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England discovers " intelligence quotient gene " intermediary of station of Ke Zengzhi power: Cerebral damage has medical medical service

Login register England of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to discover " intelligence quotient gene " intermediary of station of Ke Zengzhi power: Does cerebr上海千花网论坛al damage have medical medical service origin: ? Qu Xian?2015-12-25 10:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

Stage intermediary says, is intelligence quotient good, is you can studying inherent? Previously, the scientist believes be inherent heredity to human intelligence quotient has 75% , those who remain 25% affect by education or the external environment such as the friend. Nevertheless the scientist discovered two gene that control intelligence quotient now, future excogitates the promotional and mental, method that cures intelligence is damaged even likely.

Scientist discovery controls the gene with mental intelligence quotient, can not let everybody become clever probably. (picture origin: Taiwan Dong Senxin hears cloud website)

Quote will occupy website of cloud of Taiwan Dongsen news on December 24 " British telecommunications signs up for " the message says, the scientist of British empire technical institute discovered the gene alignment that can decide human intelligence quotient, they compare these two gene with football team, when all players each with respect to everybody when, the system is made with respect to can good fortune, can make train of thought nimble; But gave an issue when sort of these two gene or be to produce m[......]

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