Bay military plan patrols to Nanhai confirm the expert says or obtaining is the United States is driven

American of short duration is absent the message of cruise comes out to count a hour nevertheless near reef of Chinese Nanhai island, australia t

ransmits military plan to carry out the message that voyage freedom flies in Nanhai however. BBC (BBC)15 day explodes makings say, staff member of near future BBC multiplies Philippine civil aircraft to be intercepted and capture in Nanhai flight process bay the radio of the army corresponds, hear bay square personnel says: China is Chinese navy, naval, we are Australian planes, be in according to convention of international civil aviation and treaty of U.N. ocean law right of freedom of voyage of international airspace travel. End. The report says, this year in November, american B-52 bomber flies across this area exasperate China, radio communication content explains bay the army also carries out similar flight job in this area.

Australian department of defense confirmed afore-mentioned flights subsequently. Australia " finance is commented on " say, bay spokesman of department of defense affirms what give out in the routine mission that executing by a definite date 9 days to afore-mentioned radio news are air man of Australian air force. This spokesman expresses, royal aircraftman wears Australia P-3C Orion scout will come to will execute routine in boreal the indian ocean and Nanhai on December 4 on November 25 maritime patrol the task, this is bay the one share that just maintains safety of southeast Asia area to be stabilized hard continuously. The report still says, bay square flight is not different common, the United States is right all the time bay apply pressure, ask its join Nanhai controversy islands around maritime patrol, nevertheless bay just reject to attend all the time.

" Sydney pioneer morning paper " express 15 days, although Australia is put in task of this kind of reconnaissance all the time for years, but go for some time, flight frequency rose. This is equivalent to issueing careful signal to Beijing, explain Australia does not accept Beijing to push the posit

ion that dominion sound alls alone in reef of island of extend of this maritime space. The gram in heart of song of emeritus and naval officer expresses Australia, bay the flight of air force but by in just unscramble give a challenge for Xiang Jifa. If renown China analyses a personage, ABC cite says, discuss voyage freedom job considering bay beauty near future, bay it doesn't matter of square flight activity is very open-eyed, china can think bay square manner is to choosing boundary stand in line. In crossing this personage to think this kind of flight won't be affected bay relation, nanhai won't act important role in bilateral relationship.

Ni Feng is right " round-the-world times " the reporter says, the military affairs that Australia is the United States is federal, its cruise Nanhai, also be the United States is being driven. The United States thinks to prop up merely certain state is in southeast Asia Nanhai antagonism China is far insufficient, the United States tries to bring more powerful ally into play rise, be like Australia, Japan. Jin Canrong expresses, australia after all appetent He Wei needs farther information ability to decide. If the maritime space of reef of island of Nanhai of China of Australian in the vicinity of carries out a flight to carry the mission, among them accumulate contain defy interest very apparent. (round-the-world times is stationed in Li Yong of reporter of engage by special arrangement of the United States, Japan Wang Pan of round-the-world times reporter longs for Li Zhen Bai Yunyi Ma Junzhen circle in the air)

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