England discovers " intelligence quotient gene " intermediary of station of Ke Zengzhi power: Cerebral damage has medical medical service

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al damage have medical medical service origin: ? Qu Xian?2015-12-25 10:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Stage intermediary says, is intelligence quotient good, is you can studying inherent? Previously, the scientist believes be inherent heredity to human intelligence quotient has 75% , those who remain 25% affect by education or the external environment such as the friend. Nevertheless the scientist discovered two gene that control intelligence quotient now, future excogitates the promotional and mental, method that cures intelligence is damaged even likely.

Scientist discovery controls the gene with mental intelligence quotient, can not let everybody become clever probably. (picture origin: Taiwan Dong Senxin hears cloud website)

Quote will occupy website of cloud of Taiwan Dongsen news on December 24 " British telecommunications signs up for " the message says, the scientist of British empire technical institute discovered the gene alignment that can decide human intelligence quotient, they compare these two gene with football team, when all players each with respect to everybody when, the system is made with respect to can good fortune, can make train of thought nimble; But gave an issue when sort of these two gene or be to produce mutation, can create slow, serious even cognitive obstacle.

These two gene group be the discovery when researcher is checking the cerebra of epileptic, be called respectively M1 and M3, every gene group comprise by hundreds individual gene. They can affect our cognitive function, include speed of memory, attention, processing and inferential ability to wait a moment.

Jansen expresses researcher: We hope this kind of analysis can be the patient of nerve development disease such as epilepsy to provide new remedial method as a result, improve relevant cognitive obstacle. Our research shows, these two gene group the intelligence quotient that can change people really probably, but the effort that still needs very old rate and research.

(original title: Does England discover intelligence quotient gene but: of intermediary of promotional and intellective stage? ? of agitate of ┮ of round apricot favour pursues) )

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