Is thief fed by force does gold of pilfer of place of 48 banana eduction act the role of police: ?  hammer cutout?

According to central company report, an Indian reaves chain of a gold below the light of day, an

d swallow golden chain go down in order to destroy evidence. Nevertheless the police wants this robber at a heat get down 48 banana, let this robber pull golden chain eventually, return sth to its origin owner.

The report says, this robber of 25 years old reaved the golden chain of a woman in the market a few days ago, the passerby that is ready to help others for a just cause subsequently is captured.

The arrival with Bombay very fast police the spot, take away this robber. Police expresses, this robber makes lie between a day to be sent toward the hospital to reflect X light, discovery has metallic object to be in his gastric ministry, and be below the detect dispatch of police, admit to reave golden chain, and its get down.

Bombay police arranges X light to check again subsequently, after affirming Jin Lian is really in the suspect's abdomen, police brought the banana that makes basket, have 48 in all, want a suspect to eat banana entirely go down.

This move is very significant, the suspect is overcome in the morning in Zhou Wu, below the surveillance of police, pulled golden chain in the toilet, police even him suspect washs golden chain clean, eye past grudge makes still be in custody.

Si Tan times says India, this is not Bombay police first time feeds banana by force, let a suspect pull theft. Last year April, also a suspect was fed 60 banana and many water, should let a suspect a value the golden chain of 60 thousand rupee is pulled, fail regrettablly.

But the effort through 3 days, still pulled golden chain finally, just be rejected to be touched again by the injured party of chain of spirit away gold at that time touch this gold chain, take gold to acted the

role of inn to change finally new.

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