Outside intermediary: How times or defer on Ming Xia of tone consumption tax holds lightning general election again

Log onto the intermediary outside registering text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: How times or defer on does Ming Xia of tone consumption tax hold: of origin of lightning general election again? ?2015-12-18 10:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

In report will occupy new network on December 18 outside intermediary report, japanese premier is installed times Jin Sanke can be deferred again on tone consumption tax, plan to be when election of senate of next year summer, disband Boule to hold lightning general election.

Data picture: Japanese premier brings times advance 3. Liu Zhen of new network reporter is photographed in

The report says, this action will make bring times leader from civilian party within the party finance standpatter feels disturbed. Public debt and social security cost will bring about a huge sum that official of Ministry of finance already worried about Japan governmental finance is afterwards hard.

Nevertheless, these is anxious that install won't let times reach its assistant to change mind. Personage of message of Japanese political circles says, how times waiting for a person is to be based on politics to plan at present economy of and rather than thinks will make policy.

Bring times government last year in April consumption tax from 5% on tone comes 8% hind, japanese economy is immersed in decline. Install times immediately to will announce to will order consumption tax of the attune on this year October to come formerly in November the plan of 10% , defer come to was carried out in April 2017, disband Boule to hold lightning general election at the same time, seek the support with decision-making to this constituency. Mix from civilian party fair bright leading Party group becomes be in office alliance wins overwhelming victory in general election.

Install economics of university of times adviser, fine Yue to teach Gao Qiaoyang to say, how times feed pith to know ingredient, extremely possible meeting repeats the art of the get the upper hand of 2014.

Nevertheless, how times reiterate on tone consumption tax will be carried out as scheduled to the policy of 10% , deny him to will disband Boule to hold lightning general election at the same time.

When media enquires, response of premier office spokesman says: Do not have the plan of the election or decision at present, the plan that consumption tax moves on also does not have a change.

University economics teachs shallow cropland to unite man to say in the center of Japan, install times government to be just like a foot to walk in the money currently on the accelerator of loose policy, another foot walks in stop to go up the brake of the Wu that move duty implement on this is like a plane to be in fast before achieving advection layer, start turn over thrust.

Install times government to decide last week, going up tone consumption tax comes 10% when, food consumption tax will be maintained in the tax rate of 8% . Is this to install times reach its assistant to plan politics park solves the clear signal over public debt problem.

How times a group of people of same interest and fair this consensus that bright party reachs suffers from civilian party within the party assail of a few senior assemblyman. From civilian party senior assemblyman man says Cunshangchengyi: Do a few illogical businesses for the election, not be what the politic

ian is.

Mitsui stays in friendly bank day encourages negotiable securities money market and financial analyst end Ze Haoqian points out, the complexity of inferior food consumption tax may make the excuse that defers consumption tax to be moved on the whole, because the enterprise needs time preparation.

Nevertheless, serve as with this defer the excuse that increases tax, the likelihood is caused from difference of civilian party interior. Because install times in have quite high support rate within the party, accordingly should can remove this kind of different opinion.

Share formulate sanitation and welfare policy say from civilian party assemblyman: Everybody objects so do, but they (government) inexorable go.

The report points out, defer on tone consumption tax will is how times disband Boule to hold general election, seek constituency decision-making to this support, farther smash accumulates weak opposition a group of people of same interest to level road. The lieutenancy of current assemblyman will be in Japanese Boule to ended 2018.

Japanese congress issues one season conference to will begin on January 4, will end on June 1. How times may announce to disband Boule that day in conference end, so that make ginseng numerous,two courtyards hold an election at the same time.

Japanese ginseng is numerous two courtyards hold an election to had happened twice only since World War II at the same time, all win overwhelming victory from civilian party. Ginseng is numerous at the same time the election is opposite two courtyards fair bright party will hard give attention to two or morethings, this is home of a few observation thinks to bring the times matter that holds lightning general election unlikelily. In addition, from civilian party assemblyman the likelihood is grouchy also, because they must not be in,arrive two years inside time 2 degrees seek voter support.

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