Snow of Korea marshal Li Yi dies Jin Zhengen circles stand in silent tribute of coffin a week to grieve over

The company in seizing day will report on November 9, top leader Jin Zhengen heads for Korea 8 days committee member of committee of Korea labor the Party Central Committee, Korea is highest people of people conference acting assemblyman, Korea army marshal Li Yi is condoled before snow is clever, die to his express deep-felt lamentation.

Report, li Yi is laying the wreath that Jin Zhengen delivers before snow coffin. Jin Zhengen winds coffin a week, and stand in silent tribute in order to express deep-felt grieve over. Subsequently, he interviewed family member of Li Yi snow to express to express sympathy and solicitude for cordially.

Jin Zhengen expresses, comrade of Li Yi snow is to devoted to indefinitely the revolutionary comrade-in-arms of comrade of day of the revolutionary soldier of Comrade Jin Richeng, Jin Zheng, his dying is huge loss to Korea party, army and people.

Soldier of Party member of ensemble of Jin Zhengen appeal, people army and people fore上海千花网论坛ver the brilliant achievement of snow of engrave plum second, learn his faithfulness and revo上海千花网论坛lutionary belief.

Committee of standing of conference of committee of Korea labor the Party Central Committee, central war council, national defence committee, top people, cabinet and armed strength mechanism also respect before Xiang Liyi snow is clever displayed wreath.

Li Yi snow will die on November 7 local time, die at the age of is 94 years old, korea general holds state funeral for Li Yi snow at 11 days. Top leade[......]

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Day intermediary is analytic Chinese tourist Japan " explode buy " or face terminative risk (graph)

Login register i上海千花网论坛ntermediary of day of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian Japan of analytic China tourist " explode buy " or face terminative risk (graph) origin: ? ?2015-11-11 15:0 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel

In report will occupy new network on November 11 coverage of network of day classics Chinese, can Chinese tourist still come really, come by September in October between the large long holiday of the around of Chinese National Day of the first ten days of a month, although Japan travels to had had such is anxious for a time with retail and relevant industry, but actually Chinese tourist still comes in great numbers, and each come back with fruitful results. From the point of the result, chinese economy slowdown caused Japanese home to be anxious needlessly it seems that, but from the point of other side, still exist to bring about those who visit day of tourist possibly to explode at present buy the venture that stop abruptly.

Data chart: 7 days when grow last days false in Chinese National Day, the street of bustling shop of muscle of bridge of Osaka heart fast such as tourist (Kyodo) . (net of day classics Chinese)

Genuflect type service makes a person touch

The experience that does not enjoy in China is gained in day instinct. Want to go again very much really, a red of company female employee thing gate of a lane has feeling ground greatly to[......]

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Now international news

Xi Jinping, Li Kejiang calls Schmidt of wailful Germany ex-premier to die

The message will occupy Beijing of center extensive network on November 12 Chinese sound " news and newspaper summary " report, german ex-premier Schmidt dies the day before yesterday. Li Kejiang of premier of national chairman Xi Jinping, the State Council is mixed to German president Gaoke yesterday premier Mokeer is sent respectively. . .

2015-11-12 08:27 origin: ? ネ of discharge  Cui?
Xi Jinping dies to send telegram of condolences to German president prime minister with respect to Schmidt

Be used to of electric state chairman will make the same score Beijing of Xinhua News Agency 11 days to die with respect to misfortune of German ex-premier Schmidt nearly on November 11 Gaoke of Xiang Deguo's president and premier Mokeer send telegram of condolences respectively. Xi Jinping represents Chinese government and people and the name with the individual, to Schmidt. . .

2015-11-12 08:26 origin: ? Mu ㄈ felt?
Japanese pupil professes to had sucked hempen police to ransack discover drug taking of its elder brother

In report will occupy new network on November 11 day intermediary report, city of concerned Japan capital establishs elementary school schoolboy of a 6 grade (12 years old) weigh suck to the teacher hempen be related, police of Kyoto government office undertook 11 days ransacking to the residence of this boy this month.

2015-11-11 16:52 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?

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Law intermediary: French police already the father that Paris of take into custody fears raiding a suspect and brother

Reference news net will report law intermediary says on November 15, 14 days of evening are in French police abstruse cloth saves French the eastpart part (Aube) the suicidal type that a village and small town that makes Romilly-sur-Seine ransacks to already was identified the family of terrorist. The purpose of the search involves the family of suicidal type charger. The message of police says, police already take into custody the father of suicidal type charger and one of brother.

The report will say website of broadcasting station of French international broadcast on November 14, this is suicidal type aggressor of 29 years old to be born in the Courcouronne of Parisian south, the Ceng Yin before this involves criminal to sentence, but never put in prison. French police is from Paris 11 areas Badakelan the theater made a thorough investigation of on one cut finger the identity of this person. This person is in 2004 arrive between 2010, be sentenced 8 times by judicatory orgnaization. 2010, his name appears in the list with police surveillant key, but this person does not have any actions that involve horrible network at that time.

The report says, the family that abstruse cloth visits is the home of his father. The上海千花网论坛 ground azimuth that evening searchs police Saturday becomes independent at this town the building is uptown, this village already was blocked by police. Police asks the dweller does not go out.

Police returns pair of this suicide form the relative family that[......]

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Who is IS next target? What is the purpose of terrorist assault Paris

Who is IS next target? What is the purpose of terrorist assault Paris, the expert says through causing large-scale civilian casualties gives French government as a result whole peace world thereby use force, this is their sole purpose.

Can be like a Gu island without who in the sea alone the clay join with small like everybody becomes crouch if whole land has a clay to be met to lose one part by briny concussion Europe if this is same a hill cape also, also make an appointment with writing much favour for you (1572-1631)

Claim terrifies Mohammedan country piece: Issue one target London, rome, Washington also there is no escape

Integrated Xinhua News Agency, CCTV reports

French Paris just spends World War II one day the darkest since the victory.

Local time 13 days of evening, french Paris produces a series of horror to assault incident, cause death of at least 120 people.

14 days of before dawn call together French president Aolangde temporarily ministerial meeting, approved critical state law, french mainland and island of division Xi Jia enter urgent state since immediateness. Critical state law will allow to prohibit personnel flows and establishing safety to protect area.

The plan that group peak meets the 20 countries that Ao Langde still cancelled to head for Turkey to attend to begin to hold on 15 days that day.

Meanwhile, france temporarily ministerial meeting still approved the flange that is in about strengthening Paris on the west the law of insular area safet[......]

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Flower intermediary: IS says to will be in flower start lethal assault target to include queen

[round-the-world net reports] according to England " lens signs up for " will report on November 16, organization of an emperor battle claims terrorist has been in Mohammedan country England, prepare to launch lethal assault in any moment. Organization of this emperor battle still alleges this VJ that queen will attend Saturday commemorates the activity is his one of potential targets.

According to the report, this statement is considered as this extreme to organize the one part of new strategy, urge the on the spot of holy battle element that is in England to launch horrible assault namely, and head for Iraq or Syria no longer.

Those who make a person anxious is, the person that already had 7 holy fight that concern with Mohammedan country allegedly now England, prepare to launch horrible assault.

These astonishing statement are British sky news use date of false and gregarious Zhang to disclose what Mohammedan country is discovered when recruit personnel.

A private investigation personnel is in charge of grooming with after the extreme in Ying Shengzhan element organizes member communication, be informed, these people had accepted those who start horrible assault field to groom, will use include machine gun, handgun, bomb, grenade inside the weapon launchs assault.

London police station goes out in middle finger of a statement, police must be gotten admit in fact, fear a fight be faced with instead a series of challenge, the well-trained terrorist; person that returns[......]

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