Aobama makes known his position to appeal perfect legislation accusing a gun with respect to California pop incident

Local time on December 2, na Dinuo of shellfish of emperor of city of south of American California city produces pop event, already discovered at least 20 victim remains at present, incident detail still is in further investigation.

Washington of China News Service on December 2 report (reporter Zhang Wei like that) American president Aobama with respect to California emperor 2 days record of pop of Bai Nadi Nuo declares where one stands local time, appeal the United States perfects legislation accusing a gun, carry out firmer background to examine, firearms of keep within limits is violent.

Shengbainadinuo produces California southern part 2 days pop incident, cause death of at least 14 people, 14 people are injured, at present the murderer is at large, commit the crime motive is unidentified, the person that hurt already was sent toward the hospital in succession. Police expresses to show without information this case and horrible assault are concerned at present.

Aobama expressed when accepting American media to interview that day, our heart and pop case victim and its family member are together, those who need to point out is, the large-scale pop record that American place produces is in the whole world is unique. In fact the United States can take a few step, although cannot p

revent pop file completely each cases, also can reduce the frequency that pop case produces effectively.

He emphasizes, the United States should be carried out through legislation stricter accuse a gun, the foundation is for instance current law, the citizen that regulation of management board of safety be carriaged prohibits taking a plane can buy firearms legally however, congress two parties assemblyman should take action on firearms management flaw, the United States can let native people become safer.

Disclose according to California police, experience case murderer is fully armed, handgun of spear and rather than is held to shoot innocent people when the accident, at present murderer identity was not affirmed. Police is in high guard condition, FBI explore member already assisted investigation in the spot. The word of survival of spot of cite of media of much home United States says, the murderer is made an appointment with 1 to 3 people.

The United States already happened in succession since this year south case of pop of cathedral of city Black people, Russia straps Kaluolaina the incident of many malign pop such as case of pop of college of community of boast of general of Mu of ridge city black, abstruse Ba Ma appeals American constituency should regard urg

ent affairs as firearms safety for many times, urge the assemblyman that represents him electoral district to express such point of view. The plan accusing a gun that the White House often appeals still includes to prohibit buying the content such as offensive weapon, but because have gun force stand in the way, legislation accusing a gun is immersed in backwater in congress. (Be over)

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