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Local time 1 day afternoon 6 when, istanbul of the biggest city is loc

ated in Turkey the station of a subway of the area of 100 luck Ba Sha of European part produces explosion, according to media of CCTV quote place the report says, explosion may be caused by electric power transformer. Had caused 1 person to die at present 1 person is injured. However an official of local says to associated press, this explosion makes bomb cause by an earth, had caused panic in Istanbul.

The explosive picture that local media hair answers

After explosive happening, turkey police dispatchs alarm force block crossing

Get hurt the man is called Adenayaerqin, according to the hospital the report says to already was not had hinder greatly. After the accident, this subway station has been shut by Turkey government.

Because still do not have an organization to allege,to exploding this incident is in charge of, turkey police is assisting next searching for in helicopter guilty suspect. Install news agency to report more according to Turkey, a few car were damaged explosion, include bus and a car. Authorities dispatchs riot police, won't produce explosion in order to ensure the 2nd times.

Mohammedan country parts in July, explosion will be produced in Suluke and Ankala in October, created tens of names Turkish death. However besides Mohammedan country, turkey respect still pointed to the suspicion of production explosion person of library Er heart to arm. This year August, people of armed revolution of person of library Er heart liberated alignment to assault the United States to be stationed in Turkey embassy and one place police station in Istanbul.

Original title: Station of a subway produces Turkey Istanbul armed institute of heart of Er of explosive doubt library is

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