Flower intermediary: IS says to will be in flower start lethal assault target to include queen

[round-the-world net reports] according to England " lens signs up for " will report on November 16, organization of an emperor battle claims terrorist has been in Mohammedan country England, prepare to launch lethal assault in any moment. Organization of this emperor battle still alleges this VJ that queen will attend Saturday commemorates the activity is his one of potential targets.

According to the report, this statement is considered as this extreme to organize the one part of new strategy, urge the on the spot of holy battle element that is in England to launch horrible assault namely, and head for Iraq or Syria no longer.

Those who make a person anxious is, the person that already had 7 holy fight that concern with Mohammedan country allegedly now England, prepare to launch horrible assault.

These astonishing statement are British sky news use date of false and gregarious Zhang to disclose what Mohammedan country is discovered when recruit personnel.

A private investigation personnel is in charge of grooming with after the extreme in Ying Shengzhan element organizes member communication, be informed, these people had accepted those who start horrible assault field to groom, will use include machine gun, handgun, bomb, grenade inside the weapon launchs assault.

London police station goes out in middle finger of a statement, police must be gotten admit in fact, fear a fight be faced with instead a series of challenge, the well-trained terrorist; person that returns England with Iraq from Syria is in England but get bewitch is incendiary the group; that is about to launch horrible assault in England by Internet information revulsive the British youth that is about to head for Syria and weak force group are waited a moment.

Statement emphasizes, police and our safety is companionate together, try to the horrible menace of likelihood happening and abroad direct or indirect incendiary other starts the individual hour that fears raiding to keep vigilant to England.

Statement is special still point out, journalist and our information are shared always is very helpful, what what do this like celestial news is same, explode to news the terrorist that go out or guilty activity, we will be in proper when unde

rtake investigating and take action.

Come from the menace with terroristic international still serious. We assure to the public, can investigate common stabilization plan cease

lessly, the menace of special information and more extensive field will be paid close attention to by the key. Statement emphasizes, our first job is to ensure all safety that share this activity staff, encourage the people to continue to enter public activity. We still can urge a citizen to encounter any doubtful situations, dial quickly fear a hot line instead 0800789321 or urgent call the police phone 999.

(original title: Flower intermediary: IS says to will be in flower start lethal assault target to include queen to attend an activity)

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