Who is IS next target? What is the purpose of terrorist assault Paris, the expert says through causing large-scale civilian casualties gives French government as a result whole peace world thereby use force, this is their sole purpose.

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Claim terrifies Mohammedan country piece: Issue one target London, rome, Washington also there is no escape

Integrated Xinhua News Agency, CCTV reports

French Paris just spends World War II one day the darkest since the victory.

Local time 13 days of evening, french Paris produces a series of horror to assault incident, cause death of at least 120 people.

14 days of before dawn call together French president Aolangde temporarily ministerial meeting, approved critical state law, french mainland and island of division Xi Jia enter urgent state since immediateness. Critical state law will allow to prohibit personnel flows and establishing safety to protect area.

The plan that group peak meets the 20 countries that Ao Langde still cancelled to head for Turkey to attend to begin to hold on 15 days that day.

Meanwhile, france temporarily ministerial meeting still approved the flange that is in about strengthening Paris on the west the law of insular area safety precaution.

Warlike action

13 days of late horrible assault stun the world.

According to report of Xinhua News Agency, local time 13 days of evening, in the flange that is located in Parisian north outskirt on the west near stadium and the 10 areas that are located in Parisian the eastpart part, 11 areas, produce pop explosion event many cases, the information that according to Parisian inquisitor 14 days of before dawn release, series assaults incident to cause death of at least 120 people likely, include 5 terrorist at least among them. And source of news of orgnaization of judicatory of 14 days of cite reports French media, series assaults incident to cause death of at least 128 people, 250 people are injured, among them 99 people the condition of an injury is serious.

After horrible assault happens, ao Langde announces 14 days in televised speech, the person that will be die in an accident of incident of explosion of pop of series of 13 days of Paris holds 3 days of lamentation.

Ao Langde goes out in speaking middle finger, the many assault incident of 13 day happening causes numerous personal casualty, die in an accident person the family member is enmeshed in anguish and sadness, accordingly he decides to sign a decree, the person that it is this incident die in an accident holds 3 days of lamentation.

Ao Langde still criticises series assault incident of 13 days is warlike action, be arm by horror the warlike move that Mohammedan country commits. He appeals French people maintains again unite and sober, what we guard now, it is our motherland, it is the general lifetime value that attributes complete mankind more, flange knows on the west ought to how her responsibility since bear.

Ao Langde still says, he has aroused terrorist of all likely power bring under control, still command army enters Parisian area reinforce, ensure this kind of horrible assault won't happen again.

Wear tall cornopean to will go to Persian Gulf

CCTV last night cite " now Russia " report, france already affirmed will expedite Dai Gaole aircraft carrier to defy antagonism extreme organizes Mohammedan country (IS) .

Wearing tall cornopean aircraft carrier is French navy in exclusive an aircraft carrier, use nuclear power. It can lade plane of 40 fixed alas and helicopter. According to " now Russia " view, france already affirmed its will set out from France on November 18, participate in blow IS after the middle ten days of a month will arrive at Persian Gulf in December.

France already will announce to want to hit IS September, what at present it uses the hurricane battleplan of Saudi Arabia of 6 quarter at and Jordan of 6 quarter at is illusive 2000 battleplan hit IS. Ao Langde expresses, mother of clique set out on a voyage will raise France to defy at fighting in coordination federally the efficiency of IS.

Although already affirmed at least 120 people are in this horrible assault,die, but have not send existing China citizen to die in assault at present.

China is stationed in Wu Xiaojun of counsellor of French embassy news 14 days to say to reporter of Xinhua News Agency, according to the information that French police provides, still do not have Chinese citizen at present (include sister of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) the report that assaults the casualties in incident in Parisian horror.

Multilateral and urgent enhance security

After horrible assault happens, french government announces to strengthen to entering a country French train is mixed of the plane install check; Parisian police appeals the citizen avoids to go out; Parisian area school cancels all activities; Iron tower shuts Aifeier temporarily. In addition, french government is urgent already the security that enhances the institution functioning abroad such as center of

French diplomatic and consular missions, culture and French school is cautionary.

Russia fears committee 14 days publishing a bulletin to say instead, in view of appear to browbeat newly, russia security system enters high guard state. All turning over fear an orgnaization taking corresponding step, ensure the citizen is safe, avoid a citizen to suffer horrible assault. Stream of people of etc of railroad establishment, railway station, airport is concentrated the place already all was arranged additional security measure.

Italian government announces promotion of will safe cautionary level comes 14 days second advanced, ask army of special military affairs is i

n on call condition, enhance border land especially the canal of meaning law border accuses. In the meantime, italian government decides to increase Rome, Milan, clever wait for strength of big city security.

Those who stem from pair of horrible menace is anxious, germany, Belgian line of business waiting for a country is strong already the security inside sublimity.

Integrated Xinhua News Agency, CCTV reports

French president Aolangde says 14 days, producing serious horror many cases when be in capital Paris to assault incident is to organize Mohammedan country extremely (IS) the warlike act that plots single-handed.

Spot of Parisian much office is in 13 days almost late same time paragraph successional experience pop or explosive assault, cause death of at least 120 people. Ao Langde is maintained, this a series of fearing that raid incident to be by Mohammedan country besides France constituent plan, then collaborate from within with forces from outside is able to carry out.

Same day, mohammedan country releases series of statement claim Paris to fear raiding incident, threaten says France is target of assault of its number one. Organization of this one extreme claims, they to Paris many places sent 8 extremes armed personnel, latter carries bomb chatelaine, machine gun to wait carried out assault.

Occupy media coverage additionally, besides allege outside fearing raiding incident to be in charge of to this Paris, mohammedan country (IS) still say in clamour of the dispatch on gregarious network, london will be next target, rome and Washington also there is no escape.

Appraise passport discovers beside charger

German media reports 14 days, a man that is arrested in German south last week may fear raiding the charger in incident with Paris existence is associated.

" focus " weekly network edition says, bavarian state police is in 5 days this month this man is arrested when highway routine is checked. At that time, police the ferret in the car from him mixes machine gun, handgun more explosive.

Press " focus " the view of weekly, this man comes from black hill republic, the mouth refuses after detain by, also did not ask a lawyer for oneself.

Same day, acceptance will exhaust German premier Angelamokeer can, assist France to answer terroristic challenge, we will use up all force to help (France) the person that chase do evil spreads out associated operation to attack terrorist at the same time.

Additional, understanding Paris fears raiding incident to investigate evolutional message personage 14 days to say, police discovered passport of a Syria near the body in charger of type of a suicide that day, still not be clear about the authenticity of the passport temporarily nevertheless.

Mohammedan country claim

Launch concentrated investigation to horrible assault in French police while, the extreme organizes Mohammedan country (IS) an official statement is published 14 days on gregarious network, allege incident of horrible to the series that evening will produce in Paris on November 13 assault is responsible.

This statement that publishs publicly is A article and French two kinds of characters, be as long as 7 paragraphs. Statement says, choice Paris regards the first assault of horrible assault as the target, be aimed at football match and rock and roll to be able to serve as specific attack target to have indicative sense.

Statement says to share 8 extremes element to participate in assault, assault place passes elaborate plan. Statement pointed out game of law heart football and concert, and in Paris 10 areas begin the operation at the same time with 11 areas, what not agree with exclusively with the fact is the 18 areas that mentioned Paris. Statement still mentions this assault to cause 200 people to die, more person is injured.

Statement returns menace to say, this is the consequence that France takes a military affairs to act to Mohammedan country, france and its epigone will continue to serve as the main goal of Mohammedan country.

Paris fears raiding already varietal

After Parisian series horror raids percussion to be born, the expert points out, from the angle of horrible assault, must saying this Paris fears raiding is very professional.

This Paris fears raiding, there is many to be in a place to encounter assault inside same period of time, the Kampuchea dining-room of center of theater, city mixes the Badakelan that is Parisian south respectively upper flange on the west stadium. The tactics of many bits of assault, certainly will lets have too many problems to deal with of Parisian guard force.

Visit the site of assault again, the theater of the show, football ground that having the competition, the downtown dining-room of have dinner time, it is personnel large-scale collect area. Notable is, terrorist uses assault musket and dynamite to have charge directly in these places. In addition, assault element did not cover a range, this also means them is holding the determination that dies surely in the arms to launch attack. The expert points out.

Terrorist uses automatic musket to undertake mowing to the audience inside the theater directly, direct even crowd of dynamite fling at, right already pilot hostage criterion the means one by one with carry out a death sentence is killing, use force through causing large-scale civilian casualties to give French government as a result whole peace world thereby, this is their sole purpose. The expert says.

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