Maldives state security suffers minatory whole nation to enter urgent state

Login register security of state of Maldives of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to suffer minatory whole nation to enter: of critical condition source? Salary  ㄑ crosses?2015-11-04 20:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 6 Http:// channel

Maldives president inferior bright taken motor boat produces explosion in returning equestrian tired way

@ is new China international: [dispatch of Xinhua News Agency] according to associated press on November 4 message, maldives president Abodulayamingjiayaomu announces the whole nation to enter urgent state, by a definite date 30 days.

Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs says, because national security is browbeaten, the whole nation enters urgent state 30 days.

The message says, capital horse has discovery near tired president official residence remote control bomb, place favour is torn open in time to play.

Maldives army eliminates presidential official residence around exploder

Xinhua net division human relations slope on November 3 report (reporter arbutus chrysanthemum) equestrian tired message: Maldives army confirms 3 days, v/arc be on the throne discovers exploder within the one place parking lot near official residence of capital horse tired president and eliminate quickly already. Subsequently Maldives Ministry of Foreign Affairs passes account of gregarious media government to deny Maldives to announce to enter countrywide urgent state.

Maldives national defence army direct Aliyisang to express, the army signs up for at the line that has doubtful explosive is being received 3 days ago, launch investigation quickly. The ammunition with a batch of discovers on island of reef of the Du Huan in Xin Ba unidentified origin before suspecting this exploder and this at present is concerned, this batch of ammunition include gun of a large number of detonator, a few handle and two lever rifle, among them musket already affirmed is to come from Maldives country arsenal.

After exploder message comes out, maldives begins to circulate the government already announced to enter the gossip of countrywide critical condition.

The army did not state this approves ammunition and exploder to whether be concerned with case of explosion of presidential mosquito craft further.

From September 28 Maldives president inferior bright taken motor boat produces explosive hind in returning equestrian tired way, a series of investigation and to including cloth of vice president A Di inside arrest undertake in succession. Inferior bright Ceng Gong leaves express, a series of law actions that explosive case initiates won't affect Maldives political situation and economic society stability.

A few days ago, the FBI that participates in investigation of international of case of mosquito craft explosion releases a result to say, doing not have any evidence to show case of mosquito craft explosion is cause by exploder, suspicion is mosquito

craft oneself some cent happening explodes oneself.

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