Weapon of the Europe that uncover secret trades blackmarket: Half hours buy AK

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In assault of horror of late on November 13 Paris, terrori

st place holds the origin of musket of a few assault to had found out: At going up by enterprise of war industry of the one Yugoslavia before the home 80 time make the century. At present, police is investigating these musket how to fall into terrorist hand, pass what link and bagman.

The graph is Saierweiyazasidawa the firearms of weapon company reveals office. (data chart, new China / the road is appeared)

Comb discovery, in many horrible assault that happens in recent years in Europe, charger installs the assault musket with stock very great power or dynamite. To this, media exposure, europe is put in active weapon to trade all the time for years blackmarket, bootlegger basically carries the weapon illegally from Balkan area Western Europe country. The expert says, in Brussels of capital of Belgium of so-called Europe cardiac, half hours can buy an AK-47 rifle on blackmarket, price is most 1000 euro.

Face the grim situation with blackmarket flush weapon, country of a few Europe and European Union had begun to take step, the firearms that includes to build Europe to unite is registered and faulty system, prevent extreme element to obtain a weapon, but this one effort still faces not small challenge.

The graph is on November 14, french Paris a police holds a gun be on duty. (new China / the law is new)

[Tibet is in car gasoline tank]

Weapon company director tells Saierweiyazasidawa media reporter, paris fears raiding in, the rifle of do a crash job of 78 M70 type that charger uses is made by this enterprise, producing time is to was mixed 1987 1988.

At that time, state-owend enterprise of this war industry basically is Yugoslavia army and police to produce small weapon, ever going up 70 time come the century 90 time are exported in great quantities to Africa and area of middle east and other places.

Boer Zakeweiji says, police is investigating these firearms how to fall into terrorist hand, but go up century 90 time, as Yugoslavia disintegrate, many firearms prediction of a person's luck in a given year, anybody can take some of gun from inside weapon library.

After Yugoslavia disintegrate, be in Balkan area, in a large number of weapons flow into an individual illegally or having hand of constituent crime gang, enter the Western Europe country such as France and Belgium through multifarious smuggling channel then.

The mark inside Wei Yaren of Er of a place of strategic importance is one retires soldier, he in Saierweiya Beiergelaide tells the capital Reuter reporter, although he does not contraband firearms, but the public figure that understanding does this one line of business, because this knows the inside information of weapon blackmarket.

Car and lorry have a lot of corners and space, can the firearms that conceal tears open solution, he says, people them (firearms) Tibet is in gasoline tank.

His assistant Milan still takes out a price-list that contrabands firearms, the AK-47 musket price that Yugoslavia of its Central Plains makes is top 700 euro, the congener firearms that the country such as the Albania is modelled on is relatively cheap.

Amortization weapon ask a price is higher, because the machine gun is concealed easily, the price is higher also, he says, the handgun is relatively cheap, every about 150 euro.


The graph is on November 4, german police is in western urban dust dark the operation that launchs blow to contraband population and weapon. (new China / the law is new)

Although European country is early,know existence weapon smuggling and blackmarket to trade, but relevant blow acts all the time hard be successful. Saierweiya participates in blow to contraband the police officer of the action to say, investigation personnel may discover the firearms of 1/3 contrabands an activity only.

He thinks, the weapon amount that the problem depends on contrabanding is huge. Ever had a bootlegger in Saierweiya frontier says to custom personnel, he is a musician, taking an old old accordion only, the Tibet in his what result custom personnel discovers car gasoline tank has 20 guns. The member that have smuggling person more hides the gun in skin of pork of a bag of blast, perhaps place the handgun inside sandwich.

A week before raiding fears in Paris, german police still arrests a personnel that drives to head for Paris from black hill in churchyard, 8 AK-47 musket is found in the car, count handle gun and dynamite. Although did not discover this person and Paris fear raiding existence to contact, but this is not isolated incident apparently, expose a firearms to contraband serious degree of the activity.

In addition, the policy of border land government with European loose country also brings advantage for firearms smuggling. Outside removing Balkan zone, north Africa country is Libyan the origin ground that with Wukelandong upper zone also begins to become illegal weapon to enter Europe.

[blackmarket firearms is flush]

Client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story, agelong and active weapon trades blackmarket brings about the Western Europe country such as France, Belgium illegal weapon is flush, execute the law the branch is in charge of hard accuse. European Union country predicts to share 80 million firearms, although be registered for the most part,be in book or homecoming home is all, but still have quite quantitative firearms is in authorities to superintend besides, it is the old old firearms that Yugoslavia period makes mostly.

The graph is on November 15, be in the bar that makes a surprise attack by horror in French capital Paris, on pane play aperture to be inserted to go up the flower that grieve over. (new China / the law is new)

Yimociweierzanuosiji says the researcher of center of information of control of light small weapon that headquarters sets in Beiergelaide: You do not know where these weapons are, has them how to perhaps be used.

Those who have acid interest is, brussels makes an appointment with headquarters seat as European Union and north, so-called Europe heart, become smuggling weapon to trade however centralized place. In Belgium, police is annual capture is close 6000 firearms, the amount exceeds France.

Wisdom library pulls institute researcher to say than Laerbainiaoji inside Yi Di: If 500 arrive 1000 euro, you can buy a weapon inside half hour this lets Brussels more big like an United States city.

To terrorist, europe's active weapon black market is the important channel that acquires firearms ammo. Although the mark inside the person and rice pull Saierweiya,think, bootlegger won't sell terrorist firearms below the circumstance of know the inside story, but feasibility condition is however, terrorist often got starting the weapon of assault.

Last year in May, french of 29 years old strides Hedinaimushen to hold AK-47 musket, in Brussels downtown Judaic museum launchs assault, beat dead 4 people.

This year in January, be located in Paris " Sha Erli weekly " headquarters and a drug-store suffer assault, terrorist used AK-47 rifle likewise. Investigation shows, belong to musket among them discard as useless musket, belong to in country of European Union member Slovenian is bought legally.

This year in August, moroccan A You Bu breaths out Za Ni to leave for Hercules international train of Paris to hold AK-47 musket to launch assault in the Amsterdam, place favour is the same as car passenger uniform.

The graph is France interior minister Beiernakazenafu will chat in Sitelasibao and police on November 28. (New China / the road is appeared)

[the European Union publishs measure]

Client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story, current, european country and European Union had realized the harm sex of weapon blackmarket. Fear raiding in Paris before happening a few hours, france is municipal the plan that ministerial Beiernakazenafu announces to a blow contrabands firearms.

In a lot of horrible act backside, we can discover the sign that the weapon contrabands, kazenafu says. After he points out Russia and Yugoslavia disintegrate mainly, a large number of weapons fall into civilian and Maffia control in.

According to this plan, the government will build corresponding database according to arrest poisonous mode, give police bigger execute the law attributive, and more severe to contrabanding firearms inflict penalty.

On November 18, european Union committee begins to take action, accelerate roll out the relevant law that tightens up firearms control, predict effect of 3 months have a youthful look. Media coverage, the European Union plans to publish unified firearms to register system and faulty system.

The graph is on November 17, a musket experiments on the safe exhibition that a man holds in Parisian suburb. (New China / the law is new)

Because feasibility condition is austere, the measure of European country and European Union whether get effective truly, still remain to observe. Progress as the techn

ology, smuggling method is more complex and concealment. Realize 3D prints a technology to be able to be used at making firearms, french government already also appealed the European Union prohibits relevant software.

But to European country, hitting weapon black market already was no time to delay, not allow to have break, paris fears raiding had made clear, terrorist wants a few weapons only, can make disastrous murder case. (reporter Zhang Wei, edit Hu Reyu)

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