Germanization works shows giant bomb of World War II hefts 500 kilograms

Company of Ba上海千花网论坛 Sifu of Germanization industry tycoon is in Germany western a plant area of harbor of Wei Xi of urban district heart produces Jing the lofty spirit of a nation 26 days one act, the bomb of period of World War II that clean personnel discovers to one is not detonated, tear open play personnel to cost 3 many hours to just demolish bomb detonator fully. Heart new company reports, this bomb hefts 500 kilograms, say to go up blockbuster.

The bomb of period of 上海千花网论坛World War II with unspecified amount of German churchyard bequeath. This year in May, the bomb of period of World War II that division grand discovers to one is not detonated, stem from safe consideration, the government sector is urgent and scattered about more than 20000 people. Last year in December, germany western the bomb of period of World War II that Duotemengde ever also discovered the city to was not detonated, bring about 1. 70 thousand person by urgent and scattered. (Wang Hongbin) (Xinhua News Agency is small stalk of grain especially)

(original title: Germanization factory Jing shows giant bomb of World War II hefts 500 kilograms)


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Beijing of general of opinion on public affairs of politics of Beijing of general of check Russia president will address in the the United Nations General Assembly

Login register Beijing of general of opinion on public affairs of politics of Beijing of general of president of Russia of check of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to will address in the the United Nations General Assembly origin: ? ?2015-09-28 10:0 of fie of Juan scald in order to remove hairs上海千花网论坛 or feathersEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel

On September 28, beijing of Russia president general will address on the the United Nations General Assembly. Network of Russia satellite news is opposite 26 days the representative opinion on public affairs that waits for all sorts of politics problems with respect to tide of refugee of crisis of Wu Kelan condition, Syria, Europe had general capital check. When responding to Syrian problem, pu Jingming expresses truly, russia should save seat of government of A Sa benevolent rule namely, otherwise Syria can become Libyan, Iraq.

General Beijing and A Sa heart (the data pursues)

Ming Sike agreement

General Beijing says: Mediate a Wu Kelan of group of contact of Ba Si condition to represent Kujima to had said, time comes up to do whole business not as good as. In principle, can consider to delay a few deadline, but had better strive for make everything is fulfilled as scheduled. Joyful is, today Wukelan governmental army and so called people who volunteer to fight in another country also cease-fire. I think, this is the mainest today achievement.

Will conflict[......]

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Draw near businessman of Japan of National Day long holiday is hit for Chinese tourist " happy event greet National Day " fascia

Local time on September 27, 2015, japanese Tokyo, draw near Chinese National Day grows a holiday, japan 上海千花网论坛aims to solicit greatly each Chinese tourist comes round to explode bought businessman is hit in succession celebrate mid-autumn, Qing Guoqing's fascia. The pool bag of Tokyo reachs double ended radius sleeker to wait for 上海千花网论坛Chinese guest to focus the land formerly, it is the centrally dot of businessman dark battle more. The phenomenon that Japanese businessman celebrates National Day day for the Chinese is very interesting, the red-letter day that also explained Japanese businessman understood a Chinese already deeply is celebrated consuetudinary, tried adequately to use rise.

(original title: Japanese businessman is hit for Chinese tourist happy event greet National Day fascia)


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Flower royal website: Xi Jinping next month is visited 20 days flower staying Buckingham Palace

After visitting the United States, the travel of Xi Jinping's England is closer and closer also. Website of government of British royal family announced yesterday, suffer Bai Ershi of beautiful Sha of British queen Yi to invite, xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman will come 23 days have state visit to England on October 20. During the visit, xi Jinping and Peng Li Yuan will stay Buckingham Palace.

This summer of Xinhua News Agency ever was announced, should British queen invites, chinese country head of state begins state visit to England this year. The report says, this year is relation of associate of Sino-British and overall strategy the 2nd of a bureau of 10 years year, also be called by British premier Cameron the gold that Sino-British concern grows year. Be used to makes the same score this visit of the chairman nearly, be when the state visit that lies between head of state of country of 10 years of China to undertake to England, the sense is great.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi also will express in London on 上海千花网论坛June 10, the state visit to England will be Xi Jinping of Chinese state chairman this year in October the golden age that Sino-British two countries concerns is pulled open prelusive.

At present Chinese government has not release specific journey of Xi Jinping.

The Communist Party of China 18 big later, exchange visits of high level of Sino-British two countries is increasingly close, mixed 2013 2014, sino-British two countries is summit successful exchange visi[......]

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NASA new discovery ignites to the star explores hot mankind or will be landed 2033

上海千花网论坛The sound that occupies China " center wide news " report, from 1965 American jack-tar flies 4 numbers sweep past spark to begin, to today the mankind explores spark already was the 50th year. And the plan according to bureau of American country aerospace, the mankind上海千花网论坛 will be controlled 2033 land spark. Say on fire star explores the achievement nowadays, detector result cannot do not have good luck date and courage date spark.

The United States carried out spark to explore plan of the person that roam 2003, spark of name of government-owned Founder type explores the person that roam. Courage date is one of car of two twin spark, another spark car is good luck date. Courage date enters the space at blasting off on June 10, 2003, at was in spark on January 3, 2004 the surface lands successfully. Contact was lost on March 22, 2011 after, on May 25, 2011, NASA ends the mission of courage date after trying contact for the last time.

Compare courage number, the case of good luck date is more successful, good luck date enters the space at blasting off on July 7, 2003, it is healthy still now the ground works in surface of this gules heavenly body, end this year in March, good luck date completed the course of marathon of first time spark, whole journey achieves 26.219 miles, be equivalent to is 42 kilometers.

The long life of good luck makes the scientist can undertake making an on-the-spot investigation deep to Martian surface, at present the position of Martian car is entered[......]

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Han intermediary says green Wataili holds Panjiwen in both hands to choose a president to think to result from " inside bottle "

The lieutenancy of Korea president Piao Jinhui already was passed half, about be in office within the party, who can become the topic that leaves a presidential candidate to often see Zhu Baoduan. " Han nation news " say 29 days, during be being discussed as this couplet congress, Piao Jinhui and Panjiwen appear in same situation thick and fast, korea home Pan Jiwen goes into action say to emerge afresh. The analysis says, be in office to issue the dispute Piao Jinhui with a presidential candidate top reputation to appoint heavenly body of chieftain gold fierce within the party now, because this does not exclude benefit of close plain Jin,the clique arouses Panjiwen is participated try to defy. Current, pan Jiwen is in Korea is famous degree very tall, the enough of qualifications and record of service of U.N. secretary-general takes on Korea president.

Korea " central da上海千花网论坛ily " the article of the intent that 29 daily newspaper of subordinate website of JTBC TV station enter a problem to hold Panjiwen in both hands for green Wataili says, force of preparation of green made of baked clay stage holds Panjiwen in both hands to leave a presidential candidate, above all, a few days the Piao Jinhui that attends U.N. meeting in the United States these days is short met with Panjiwen 7, there all is Panjiwen's figure in almost all scheduling. Piao Jinhui introduces actively in U.N. and popularize new rural area to move, pan Jiwen gives support and affirmation. Before this, in the com[......]

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Russia civilian attune: Citizen of nearly half Russia regards China as main strategy associate

In report will occupy new network on September 30 coverage of Russia satellite network, economy of Russian president countryman and politics of society of courtyard of fair condominium a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties monitor civilian attune of the center to show, russian of close half the number regards China as main strategy of the country associate.

Russian of close half the number (46.3%) thinks China is main companionate country, answer to expand science, commerce and culture connection with its. Civilian attune shows as a result, 32.6% think China is to establish turn over international the optimal associate of terroristic alliance. And 2上海千花网论坛004, view and China build the person that has 7.6% to fear alliance instead.

Regard the United States and Germany as the number of hostile country marked increase, the scale of the person that hold this point of view parts from 2004 31.9% come with 6.3% litres current 76.5% with 27.6% . Basically support the United States to be concerned to Russian policy with Germany to the change of German view.

This public opinion poll undertakes at 30 federal main body that 18-24 day was in Russia in September 2015, 1600 pe上海千花网论坛ople participate in investigation. The findings that similar method place uses to do before the data of this second investigation and this undertook contrast.


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Thailand ex-premier flower pull total to Thailand chief procurator to mention criminal lawsuit

The intermediary outside occupying reports, thailand ex-premier flower pull local time 29 days of total to Thailand chief procurators mention criminal lawsuit, in appealing to the accusation that says latter is aimed at her in processing, break at justice.

The report says, thailand supreme court will be accepted this year in March sue flower press the criminal case in behavior of dereliction of duty of the existence in rice subsidy project. If flower pull be sentenced guilty, the likelihood is faced with highest 10 years of term of imprisonment. And Thailand military goverment points to to serious corruption exists in calling this the project, cause Thailand loss 16 billion dollar.

The report points out, thailand congress passed pair of ex-premier on January 上海千花网论坛23 this year flower the impeach case that press, flower pull face the punishment that must not take up a political career inside 5 years at the same time, thailand total chief procurator gave criminal suit to Yingladi that day.

Flower the opportunity that the legal group that help oppugns charge mainly in prosecution of 29 days- - a hour, point to to go out to Yingladi below the circumstance that says total chief procurator was not examining evidence and witness adequately accuse.

Flower the legal group that help makes a statement say, total chief procurator is sued in included the corrupt accusation related to rice project, the 60 thousand pages that the place inside the litigant book that raised Thailand anti-corru[......]

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South Africa one Chinese robs a family to be accused to strike back absolutely by 6 cateran shoot kill 2 people

China News Service compares the profit that strap Tuo inferior report is late on September 29 on September 30, capital of south Africa administration compares the profit that strap Tuo inferior the supermarket of a Chinese around上海千花网论坛 grabs bandit to arm by 6 blacks rob. In hijacking a process, chinese merchant strikes back absolutely, unplug the gun is shot kill two to grab bandit, additionally two grab bandit to be arrested by police.

As we have learned, crime scene dot is located in inside the supermarket of a Chinese by local railway station and bus station. Party says, case hair time is that evening 6 when 15 minutes or so, 6 grab bandit to participate in rob, among them 3 people hold a gun enter a supermarket inside, employee of several Chinese inside the baby in reaching party, wife the bosom and inn is controlled. In hijacking a process, the head of party is grabbed to not wound with gunstock, because 1 year old of big baby sweat from every pore sweat from every pore are ceaseless cry, grab bandit to if party does not take occurrence gold,browbeat ceaselessly still, will harm its child.

See when thing countrymen residing abroad shape is obliged to give key of the safe inside inn grab bandit. When just when two hold a gun,the attentio上海千花网论坛n that grab bandit goes to move of line of sight dispersedly outside inn, party pulls out quickly the handgun that hides on the body, to the fusillade that grab bandit, fall down in succession after two guns in grabbing bandit die. Receive p[......]

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