Face intermediary publishs found a party 70 years editorial: Oath building " powerful nation of inapproachable military affairs "

International is online stalk of grain only: Body of Korea labor party signs up for " labor news " the editorial that will publish labor party found a party 70 years on October 10 says, want to be Korea construction inapproachable martial powerful nation.

Editorial says above all: Our army and people fall in the leader of the party, the indefectible result that fix eyes upon was obtained on the history, make us times feeling is proud. Red-blooded hoary head hill is big state-owned extraordinary development latent capacity, make people confidence dye-in-the-wood. Here during, we received found a party of Korea labor party 70 years the day of this is glorious and rich content.

The article says: In 70 years after found a party, the leader in the past obtained the glorious outstanding achievement of main body revolution. This found a party the affirmation that 70 anniversary day is pair of past achievement, also be the main turning point that leads carry forward the cause and forge ahead into future around Comrade Jin Zhengen cheek by jowl.

The article emphasizes: Found a party of Korea labor party history of 70 years, also be the history that takes the barrel of a gun seriously, it is the history that builds power of inapproachable military affairs. The powerful and prosperous prosperity that country and nation achieved on the barrel of a gun and revolution win. Korea should take the barrel of a gun seriously, build martial power, guard people's destiny stoutly.

Editorial points out fin

ally: Break up to already had 70 years toward Han Jian's nation. Hope complete ethnically leaves resultant force of be of one mind, in us this generation realizes the motherland to unite, build the unified and powerful and prosperous nation of prosperous and strong, prosperity.

Found a party of Korea labor party 70 years of military review undertake in the morning on 10 days formerly, but because weather reason is deferred,come to began 1:50 afternoon. It is reported, this military review is history go up scale is the largest.

(Original title: Face intermediary publishs found a party 70 years editorial: Oath building does not have enemy thing powerful nation)

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