Han intermediary says green Wataili holds Panjiwen in both hands to choose a president to think to result from " inside bottle "

The lieutenancy of Korea president Piao Jinhui already was passed half, about be in office within the party, who can become the topic that leaves a presidential candidate to often see Zhu Baoduan. " Han nation news " say 29 days, during be being discussed as this couplet congress, Piao Jinhui and Panjiwen appear in same situation thick and fast, korea home Pan Jiwen goes into action say to emerge afresh. The analysis says, be in office to issue the dispute Piao Jinhui with a presidential candidate top reputation to appoint heavenly body of chieftain gold fierce within the party now, because this does not exclude benefit of close plain Jin,the clique arouses Panjiwen is participated try to defy. Current, pan Jiwen is in Korea is famous degree very tall, the enough of qualifications and record of service of U.N. secretary-general takes on Korea president.

Korea " central da

ily " the article of the intent that 29 daily newspaper of subordinate website of JTBC TV station enter a problem to hold Panjiwen in both hands for green Wataili says, force of preparation of green made of baked clay stage holds Panjiwen in both hands to leave a presidential candidate, above all, a few days the Piao Jinhui that attends U.N. meeting in the United States these days is short met with Panjiwen 7, there all is Panjiwen's figure in almost all scheduling. Piao Jinhui introduces actively in U.N. and popularize new rural area to move, pan Jiwen gives support and affirmation. Before this, in the commemorates the War of Resistance Against Japan wins activity that holds in Beijing, two people also are attended side-by-side, fetching attention. JTBC analysis says, two people interact often, unavoidable suspicion letting a person they had reached some kind of tacit agreement. Next, the public opinion that a few public feelings investigate orgnaization try to be the first to join force to hold Panjiwen in both hands is built in situation, have quite assentation the situation of green made of baked clay stage.

TNS of orgnaization of investigation of Korea public opinion is right a few days ago 1000 grown men undertake who the theme is the most hopeful make the investigation that finishs a president. The result shows, pan Jiwen ranks head of a list of names posted up with the supportive rate of 21.1% , hold Shou Jinwu star and Dang Shouwen of the greatest opposition are in political party the third of the twelve Earthly Branches cent is listed the 2nd, the 3rd. Advancement of day of Media Reserch of another investigation orgnaization goes who is the most worth while of reliance issue a presidential candidate questionnaire findings also shows, pan Jiwen ranks the first with the supportive rate of 27.6% , the rate of support of golden fierce star that discharges the 2nd is 13.7% .

JTBC analysis says, green recently made of baked clay stage and hold political party Shou Jinwu star who is with respect to choose issue a presidential candidate to spread out rich to weichi, jin Wuxing insists to think, green made of baked clay stage should be not interfered too much within the party general affairs. To star of indocile gold fierce, it may be said of green made of baked clay stage is hated the tooth is urticantly. Green

made of baked clay stage plays Pan Jiwen card is to contend Jin Wuxing, avoid the Jin Wuxing of deflection of influence centre of gravity of new nation party.

" head Er news " say 29 days, although be apart from presidential general election to return remnant more than two years, but green made of baked clay stage is eager to force holding Panjiwen in both hands solid also belong to but, korea politics circle thinks generally, in be in office Chinese hackberrya of party a relative on one's wife side is factional in the heavyweight person that does not seek to give enough to take a presidential general election really, accordingly faithful Qing Dynasty speaks the Panjiwen of the body to will make a piece of good brand. 28 days of comments weigh Han couplet company, although Panjiwen avoids the face all the time,the answer is participated, but watch words and deeds of its near future, have benefit of Jin of Yu Piao extraction a letter quite, to the meaning that she draws close, the view that this will participate for Panjiwen adds a few minutes of reliability again.

Han couplet company says, media will report hopeful becomes Panjiwen last year in October leave a president popular candidate, all along very few by the Panjiwen of topic of politics of country of be involved in, make the focal point of domestic press. This year in April, celebrate south company chairman becomes Zhong Zi to kill and leave bribery list, when Pan radical Wen Ping with become Zhong Po to have friendship, its nephew is in media exposure will celebrate south in the edifice is in to sell Qatar governmental process below company division, the background that uses Panjiwen made a few illegal conduct. JTBC thinks, if Pan Jiwen launchs a challenge to presidential throne, will face test of the bottom since more.

Rich although the Jin Wuxing of 2 acting one's previous experience was immersed in take bribes wait for economic scandal, but the near future is troublesome also and ceaseless. 2 son-in-law of Jin Wuxing increased many troubles to him. His 2 husband go because annual bottom is suspected of drug taking be being arrested by police, later by check square to sue, court the court decision that will make temporary suspension of the execution of a sentence 4 years this year in Feburary. After this matter exposure, public opinion oppugns measurement of penalty in succession too light, the son-in-law that thinks the court is to look to give him on Jin Wuxing's face reduces punishment. At the beginning of September, this thing is taken by Korea media again hype. " head Er economy " wait for media to think, what had gone is old hear, media takes a report again, opportunity, motive makes a person suspect. And, before before long, the opinion on public affairs that the father about Jin Wuxing is Japanophile for a time cause a temporary clamor. The analysis thinks, this is political adversary those who make a series of hitting the one annulus in pressing Jin Wuxing to plan.

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Original title: Han intermediary says green Wataili holds Panjiwen in both hands to choose a president to think to result from inside bottle

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