Sexual behavior of Tan Qing's teenager calculates BBC new program not to calculate a gender to invade provoke controversy

Login register new program of BBC of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to talk about teenage sexual behavior to calculate do not calculate a gender to invade offend controversy origin: ? Person?2015-11-04 11:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

Is the gender invaded comfortable do not suit to go up program discussion?

According to Taiwan media Dong Senxin hears the cloud to report, BBC (BBC) the channel below the banner rolls out new program recently, descriptive adolescent opens a clique to be opposite or orgiastic wait for a process, discuss to fall in the sort of state, the sexual behavior that happens between the men and women calculates do not calculate a gender to invade, ask the opinion of different adolescent. Personage of defend conventional moral principles is drawn to criticize after the program broadcasts, think this action can let adolescent produce misunderstanding to acceptable sexual behavior, create problem of more men and women.

The name is " Is This Rape? Sex On Trial " (interpret of of short duration: Do this calculate a gender to invade? Sexual behavior tries) the program broadcasts in the channel below BBC banner, film the Communist Party of China has 3 different drama to pile up, cont

ent is behavior of about means is being contacted because of what differ between little male girl hair natural disposition (send for example drink to going up much) , look for many 20 18 teenage men and womens that control to 16 years old finally, after seeing movie, whether does query hero commit a gender to invade a blame by compere? , communicative him view.

Among them in an extract, leading role of male and female is to once had interacted, be in now part company condition, both sides encounters accidentally to going up in the clique, two people are drunk much, below alcohol catalysis, hero asks the woman has oral sex, the woman in the process did not revolt clearly or give character to refuse, because alcohol or sober condition leave the decision that make,very difficult judgement is after all. Besides the adolescent that seeks a test can spot discussion is voting outside, the program also opens an audience to poll in the home at the same time, ticket number can appear to go up in firebug act immediately.

In process of so called adjudgement, most adolescent thinks that is the gender is invaded, but can discover in discussion process, no matter male or female, have opinion of face of positive and negative. The schoolboy states this is the gender is invaded absolutely, because the other side did not agree; But then another person says she also did not refuse, and still cooperate? The girl expresses: The heroine in film did not give character to refuse, if be me, I can say not! The focus of controversy is become have deny express clearly to refuse or agree, think conversely, is pussyfoot after all refuse or agree? Also cause more discussion.

Bold attempt draws attention, also cause at the same time criticize not less socially, think the gender is invaded so the thing with secret illicit, should not put electrify to inspect a platform of this kind of public to discuss; Another clique thinks, such program discusses, the likelihood lets adolescent be invaded to the gender acknowledge is more ambiguous, misunderstand the meaning of acceptable sexual behavior; Also somebody stands in victim footing to point out, the sex that program content can let real world invades victim heart to be born awe-stricken, fear to bear the pressure of public opinion, dare not expose evil wolf act instead.

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