South Africa one Chinese robs a family to be accused to strike back absolutely by 6 cateran shoot kill 2 people

China News Service compares the profit that strap Tuo inferior report is late on September 29 on September 30, capital of south Africa administration compares the profit that strap Tuo inferior the supermarket of a Chinese around

grabs bandit to arm by 6 blacks rob. In hijacking a process, chinese merchant strikes back absolutely, unplug the gun is shot kill two to grab bandit, additionally two grab bandit to be arrested by police.

As we have learned, crime scene dot is located in inside the supermarket of a Chinese by local railway station and bus station. Party says, case hair time is that evening 6 when 15 minutes or so, 6 grab bandit to participate in rob, among them 3 people hold a gun enter a supermarket inside, employee of several Chinese inside the baby in reaching party, wife the bosom and inn is controlled. In hijacking a process, the head of party is grabbed to not wound with gunstock, because 1 year old of big baby sweat from every pore sweat from every pore are ceaseless cry, grab bandit to if party does not take occurrence gold,browbeat ceaselessly still, will harm its child.

See when thing countrymen residing abroad shape is obliged to give key of the safe inside inn grab bandit. When just when two hold a gun,the attentio

n that grab bandit goes to move of line of sight dispersedly outside inn, party pulls out quickly the handgun that hides on the body, to the fusillade that grab bandit, fall down in succession after two guns in grabbing bandit die. Receive police of the place after calling the police to hurry to the spot, grab additionally two of the spot bandit to capture bring to justice, other two grab bandit to escape the spot.

Outside dividing merchant head flesh wound, other countrymen residing abroad nobody get hurt. On record discovers field police altogether collects 3 handle gun, among them one is merchant all, gun of additionally two handle all comes from grab bandit.

Case hair that evening, china is stationed in south Africa embassy alarm counsellor of steel of annals of king of Wu contact official, Zhu Di one secret, south Africa Chinese alarm civilian Gao Le of Hu Lige of cooperative center CEO, deputy CEO drive toward the spot, offer party necessary help.

South Africa arms in recent years room rob and murder crime to have ascendant tendency, on average everyday nearly 50 people are murdered, the Chinese that collects an area to open a supermarket in the black often also becomes a victim. South Africa Chinese alarm civilian cooperative center clew is broad Chinese of the overseas Chinese austral brigade, christmas will come, the broad countrymen residing abroad that runs supermarket store in south Africa notices oneself is safe, if do not have dye-in-the-wood hold, not easily with hold a gun the antagonism that grab bandit. (Reporter Song Fangcan)

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