By: of scientist of bad luck foreign citizen of Chinese origin? Secret service of BI of  belch Zuo carries a gun to rush to arrest me

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I am very glad that my lawyer persuades check to just be mixed they made the FBI a blunder, concern in American judiciary cancel right China after the accusation that offers sensitive technology, time of Washington of United States of Xi Xiaoxing of professor of department of physics of university of general of day of expert of world famous superconduction, United States is accepting such say when special interview of reporter of Xinhua News Agency on September 12.

Department of physics of university of general of day of expert of world famous superconduction, United States teachs Xi Xiaoxing.

To happening in the absurd lawsuit on his body, xi Xiaoxing says: All material that I make are not sensitive. I do not make any sensitive technologies, a lot of incident that say in the indictment so are wrong.

American judiciary will announce cancel gives China to carry the accusation of sensitive and superconductive technology about Xi Xiaoxing on September 11, the reason is many expert witness, they made a mistake most the evidence of core. Will be pointed to to be Chinese spy in May from this year, to final cancel accusation, xi Xiaoxing says he loosened at a draught at a heat.

Xi Xiaoxing is born in China, germany goes two years after Beijing University obtains a doctor's degree, go to the United States later like that and join American citizenship. He is a whole world the famous expert that 2 boron change magnesian filmy material to research a field. According to Introduction Xi Xiaoxing, he and home had had many collaboration, had become professor of lect

ure of scholar of the Yangtse River in Tsinghua for instance, the group that follows place of physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences has worked a few years together, had attended Beijing University project of innovation of a science and technology.

This the core of incident is an equipment that makes pocket heater. Xi Xiaoxing points out, pocket heater itself and sensitive technology have nothing to do completely. This equipment is thoroughly open, you yourself can get online go finding, he says, government of complete unlike United States says so high-grade.

American judiciary accuses Xi Xiaoxing, the age that joins him however made a mistake. Xi Xiaoxing says, he this year 57 years old, but the prosecution on judiciary website states still writing him 47 years old up to now. Xi Xiaoxing says for fun: Should be really 47 years old good, do not have re

grettablly so young.

Memory has the one act that will be arrested May, xi Xiaoxing up to now one's heart still fluttering with fear. He says, that is in the morning controlled partly at 6 o'clock, secret service of many 10 FBI exerts all his strength knock, after the door opens, with respect to upright move the gun rushed, say to arrest me, wear darby to me, they still let my madam, child raise a hand to take a certain place.

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