Korea Red Cross will begin to affirm Han Fang family member of 60 thousand disperse falls

Login register Red Cross of Korea of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to will begin to affirm Han Fang: of origin of whereabouts of family member of 60 thousand disperse? ?2015-08-27 15:5 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

In report will occupy new network on August 27 Han intermediary report, korea big Han 27 days of messages weigh the Red Cross, more than 100 phone

is about to install in Red Cross headquarters, begin to affirm Korea the whereabouts of family member of 60 thousand disperse.

Data picture: Last year in Feburary, korea and Korea held by a definite date 3 days the family member of face Han disperse of 2 night reunites activity. When the activity ends, because do not know when to can reunite again, parting spot became lake of a tear.

According to the report, big Han Red Cross place belongs to a volunteer to will acknowledge the condition of life and death of each disperse family members through the phone, if cannot affirm with the phone, will affirm through sending the means such as mail to give.

On August 15, korea president Piao Jinhui is in peninsula recover expresses in 70 years of congratulations, hope face just answers the activity that affirms life and death of disperse family member falls actively, strive for list of family member of disperse of the crossing-over inside year.

The cross meets big Han Gong a controller expresses, the nothing is more... than of the greatest desire of disperse family member confirms the life and death of family, hope Han face at this point the problem comes to an agreement, list of crossing-over disperse family member.

On the other hand, korea government expresses 26 days to will be chance with the Mid-autumn Festival, facilitate to have meeting toward Han disperse family member hard.

Zheng Junxi of unified department spokesman is in Korea on August 26 morning the governmental building of an Er expresses: The government is arranging meeting of disperse family member, the hope can be family member of chance facilitating disperse with the Mid-autumn

Festival successful meeting.

Unified department spokesman says: Problem of disperse family member is one of critical questions that our nation needs to solve. The president also has been mentioned in the speech of recover section solve problem of disperse family member, offerred relevant principle and way. In this face Han curule talk, also included this one topic for discussion.

According to statistic, the number of Korea disperse family member that in Korea unified ministry registers amounts to nearly 130 thousand person in all, make an appointment with 66 thousand person to still be still living and in good health among them. From the age paragraph in light of, in the disperse family member of these be still living and in good health 80 to 89 years old of ages paragraph most, amount to 28 thousand person, occupy 42.4% , ever since ordinal come 79 years old for 70 years old, 90 years old of above, 60 years old mix 50 years old to 69 years old the following.

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