Masses body defect makes false door senior personage says Chinese derv car is discharged go to the holiday is more serious

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This is a hard decision really!

President of the victory when the partner of people group is protected Wolfgang (Wolfgang Porsche) , issue Si Difen of prime minister of Sa Kesen state (Stephan Weil) , and the assistant of the member of other supervision board of people group and Si Difen people, began at 9 o'clock 23 days morning from local time, surround sit together, with respect to Wen Deen of people group CEO go staying launched intense debate. According to arrangement, this Zhou Wu supervision board must give out one is explained.

On September 23, people government announces, favour of heart of fourth article of horse of CEO of masses automobile group (Martin Winterkorn) announces formally to leave masses automobile group.

Ferment as what masses car discharges fraud incident, analytic personage says Wen Deen may face the risk that finish class, on September 22, germany " lens signs up for " message of respect of supervision board of cite masses car says, now masses car supervision board to sit a meeting; The Wen Deen that is 68 years old will be in a Zhou Wu (on September 25) be replaced post of CEO of masses automobile group. Subsequently masses car spokesman undertook refuting a rumor to this, say to elbow out Wen Deen innocently.

But the masses builds false door to still ferment quickly inside global limits, besides auto industry domain, still affect the more extensive field such as politics, and derv car of China builds false problem to also be mied wife by course of study person allude again.

Don't you feel this is put in very strong politics gain to weichi among them? A Chinese economist that lives for a long time in Germany is being accepted " daily of the first finance and economics " when the reporter is interviewed, point out, antitrust bureau is aimed at the European Union last month cross what state-owend enterprise course of study is in European area to avoid tax business is investigated, be the first to be affected of apple of tycoon of science and technology of it is reported, be faced with according to calling an apple the likelihood highest year of income the amerce of 10% . In addition, be aimed at refugee problem, german government also censures American government nonfeasance.

In addition, american government also has case background, in March 2010, american freeway security bureau thinks the accelerator footplate of abundant cropland car is put in safe quality problem. Thunder of American transportation head of a department pulls Hood unusual to the manner of abundant cropland car severity. When attending congress hearing, car of cropland of abundant of his severity reprimand, ask all driving the American of Feng Tian car, stop immediately, drive the car to maintain inn to check, because abundant cropland car is insecure.

To this, just assume office the abundant Tian Zhangnan of abundant cropland president goes to the United States to bow in person apology.

After a year, express in a statement that Hood is issueing Lei La external however: After we quicken a problem to undertake investigating to the car, discovery did not exist in car of Feng Tian of electronic component respect blemish. It is reported, in the invest

igation that has to issue dependency home Highway Traffic Safety Administration and dominant of engineer of bureau of American space navigation by American the Ministry of Communication in this, without discovery electron of abundant cropland car is controlled system and by blemish of existence of door of software pilot solar term.

This also may be the person that plot is talked guess. Zhong Shi of deep analyst of Chinese steam carfare thinks, according to the setting of American government sector, this kind guesses impossible existence, in addition economic condition is nonexistent also, when 2010, american auto industry suffers financial crisis impact is severe, but American economy lasts to now good, not necessary use this kind of method.

Gu Xinguang of analyst of another senior automobile thinks, our Chinese criticises without the qualification popular arranges the issue that make a holiday at all, because the derv car look forward to of Chinese mainland is discharged,make a holiday more serious. After the masses builds a holiday to be investigated, can admit his mistake, go correcting seriously, but of Chinese car look forward to discharge make a holiday do you hear who got punish?

Gu Xinguang introduces, the derv car state that Chinese government extends 4 discharge a standard, still carry out without complete be born to now, even if the country before this 3 discharge a standard to be in executive process, a lot of enterprises are put in fraud action, the product of work off just is in original country added EGR of a device below 2 standards, loath up to mark, and in using a process actually, a lot of drivers unplug directly this device.

(original title: [does the masses make false door] is Chinese der

v car discharged go to is the holiday more serious? )

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