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Login register statistic of death toll of each country of incident of trample of Mecca of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does sand spy king give orders to father check origin: ? ?2015-09-26 16:4 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel [summary] classics China Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms, citizen of a China dies in Mecca trample incident.

In report will report new net integratedly on September 26, mecca of Saudi Arabia the Holy City happened 25 years to come a few days ago the most serious go on a pilgrimage person trample accident. Up to when distributing news dispatches, the accident already was caused include the multilateral citizen such as sand spy, Iran, Turkey and Egypt inside even more 700 people die, final victim number is possible on 1000; Classics China Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirms, citizen of a China dies in incident. Sand spy king has asked to undertake fathering checking to this incident.

Accident of trample of the person that go on a pilgrimage happens near Mecca of Saudi Arabia the Holy City. This is the accident of the most serious trample that Mecca happens 25 years, also be this year the 2nd when happen during pilgrim fatal accident. Up to now, trample incident has caused death of at least 1300 people, more than 2000 people are injured.

Local time on September 24, accident of trample of the person that the rice offer that in distance Mecca the eastpart part 5 kilometers manage produces go on a pilgrimage.

The death toll or citizen of on 1001 China affirm die

Near sand spy Mecca accident of trample of the person that rice accept area produces go on a pilgrimage 24 days. Up to Beijing time 25 days of evening, the accident already caused 719 people to die, additionally 863 people get hurt. And according to Iranian media Iran dispatch company reports Faersitong, this accident or cause death of at least 1300 people, even more 2000 people are injured.

The person that this incident brings about multilateral go on a pilgrimage dies. The routine that spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs holds afternoon in 25 days confirms on the press conference, trample incident has caused personnel of go on a pilgrimage of a China to die.

Divide outside Chinese citizen dies in incident, up to 25 days, each country is foregone die reach get hurt go on a pilgrimage person the number is:

Iran: About 131 people die, about 150 people are injured;

India: At least 14 people die, additionally 13 people get hurt;

Turkey: 4 people die, additionally 5 people are missing;

Egypt: 14 people die, additionally 30 people get hurt;

Afghanistan: 8 people still break couplet after trample happening;

Indonesia: The person that this country also has go on a pilgrimage dies, specific figure is at present unspecified;

Kenya: 3 people die;

Pakistan: 7 people die, 6 people are injured, additionally 236 people break couplet.

Eyewitness weighs old people most trip is

investigated or face difficulty first

To the cause of formation of this trample incident, still remain the further investigation of sand spy government. Current emphasis still comes to help at the spot centrally and search survival field. According to the concerned data of eyewitness, the spot compares a disorder when circumstance accident. The investigation work of trample incident will face difficulty possibly.

BBC (BBC) the situation when reporter Joseph recollects trample happening as spot eyewitness says, at that time crowd face casts stone position advances, another batch of people go head on from opposite way, the circumstance becomes suddenly confused, people begins to topple. Go on a pilgrimage person ceaseless and mutual trample, hope be intent on personal advancement reachs safer place. Many people lie in the ask for help on the ground, but extend aid without the person, people be busy enough with one's own affairs.

The person that have go on a pilgrimage additionally is mentioned, before trample happening, a few old people most first trip, because dehydration symptom brings about heatstroke,the likelihood is. Subsequently, ceaseless somebody is blundered in the crowd, abrupt stream of people is not moved, a lot of people emerged again from the back, until in front the crowd is transmitted blast blast cry call, the crowd just realizes gave an accident. Say according to branch of sand spy atmosphere, highest air temperature amounted to Mecca that day 45 Celsius.

Sha Temin prevents total bureau spokesman to say, because the crowd produces jam and elbow, bring about trample accident finally to happen. Shatewei gives birth to conspicuous of chancellery law benefit to p

oint out, preliminary investigation shows, because crowd jam is mixed,the accident is a few go on a pilgrimage person did not ask according to dredge act be caused by, final findings will be announced very quickly external.

Also media points out, this trample accident caused the whole world to be opposite once more the attention of communal and safe domain. If why control communal and safe venture in especially big activity, right multilateral for still be major task.

Sand spy king gives orders to father check multilateral express to mourn

After trample accident happens, sanded especially kingly Salemantong crosses sanded especially state-owned TV station to publish an address, to the accident medium victim expresses to mourn, express to already gave orders to investigate this quickly to remove tragedy. Sa Leman says, he already indicated authorities to review all and active plan of pilgrim activity and arrangement, in order to improve organization and level of management.

Spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs says, just be opposite in casualties of the member that incident of trample of the person that area of accept of rice of sand spy Mecca produces go on a pilgrimage causes heavy adult feels distressed. Deep-felt lamentation just expresses to all victims in, mix to victim family member get hurt personnel expresses to express sympathy and solicitude for.

The Yi inside Ha Mei of highest spirit cacique announces Iran, iran will mourn 3 days, grieve over in more than 1000 victims in the accident. Beijing of Russia president general is in know trample postaccident, express to mourn to Saudi Arabia king. Afghan go on a pilgrimage and ministry of religious general affairs also express, after Afghan government and tower benefit class arm to happen in trample accident, all expressed to mourn to the victim, the person that be opposite is paid condolatory.

Indonesian president Zun Ke is being mourned to accident victim, while the person that be opposite expresses to express sympathy and solicitude for, still appeal sand spy to be able to take more perfect management step in the future, happen in order to prevent similar tragedy again.

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