American new York erupts disease of army group bacterium already sent 7 people to die 86 people catch a disease

Bierdebulaxiao of mayor of electric Newyork city will say new York of China News Service 4 days on Au

gust 4, new York cloth disease of bacterium of army group of Lang Kesi area erupts 3 since Zhou Duo, had caused 7 people death, infection number already rose to 86 people.

Authoritative information shows, new York cloth Lang Kesi area erupts from July 10 army group bacterium is ill, up to now, already diagnose 86 person that affect, dead number has risen to 7 people. According to saying, the affect person of these 7 death already was put in potential healthy problem formerly.

The data shows, disease of army group bacterium is what belong to a bacterium to cause by army group bacterium is clinical and integrated proof. When American Philadelphia held veteran plenary meeting 1976, break out popular and get a name. Bacterium of cause of disease basically comes from soil and sewage, travel by air, invade from respiratory tract. Clinical

expression is similar and pneumonic.

Officer of Newyork city sanitation shows, disease of army group bacterium does not travel in the crowd, be in only inspiratory the ability when the faucet that contains a bacteria, shower nozzle, cooling tower vapor that contains this bacteria is met sicken, advisory citizen need not be anxious overly.

Mayor Debulaxiao expresses 4 days, with compare before today only 5 add case newly, the rate that indicates the person that add infection newly is falling. Authorities has affirmed July 30 is the fastigium that this disease erupts, begin from July 30, the person that new York adds infection newly presents the state that drops gradually.

Malibaxite says assistant director of Newyork city sanitation 4 days, this is the disease of the biggest army group bacterium that Newyork city suffers in recent years erupts, we are paying close attention to progress of a got-up affair closely, anticipate future to a few weeks of infection are led and affect case of illness to will drop.

This sanitation officer reiterates, disease of army group bacterium erupts to did not affect the fountainhead safety of Newyork city water tower and drinking water, new York cloth the tap water of Lang Kesi area is drinkable complete still safety.

According to the report, branch of sanitation of the Newyork city before this investigates personnel to search pathogeny, had detected new York cloth 22 buildings of Lang Kesi area, among them bacterium of 5 buildings army group detects the result shows masculine gender. The building with at present ill to affecting army group bacterium already new York is finished eliminate bacterial job.

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