Iraq confirms 27 days, iraq has combined Russia, Syria and Iran 3 countries, information center is built in Iraqi churchyard, share the information that organizes Mohammedan country about the extreme.

This one act has apparently violate American apiration. The United States " new York Times " report, iraqi government did not seek beautiful honest opinion beforehand already, announce even news to also did not know meeting United States ahead of schedule.

Highlight difference

Russia satellite news service is commented on 28 days, act of Iraqi government near future fails to meet each other with American foot again and again.

Above all, iraqi government did not pay attention to the United States to apply pressure, continue to open territorial air to Russia transport. Iraqi Foreign Minister predicts the Gufali that pull glad easily 25 days to accept the answer when media is visited, iraq allows Russia plane pass through the territory of a country to did not offend Iraq is right the acceptance of any law of nations.

The United States has been applied before this pressure Greek with Bulgaria, want its to reject to open territorial air to Russia transport, in order to cut off the passageway in the toward Syria sky before Russia plane. The United States expresses, the United States just is opposite government of A Sade of Er of Syrian Ba Sha obtains support of goods and materials to feel anxious. To this, russia just is responded to, russia never conceals the martial sup

port of pair of Syria governments, hit Mohammedan state in order to help its.

After two days, saadehadixi of spokesman of Iraqi premier office announces again, iraq agrees to combine Russia, Syria and Iran 3 country, information center is built in Iraq, collect analyses Mohammedan country pertinent information.

In this collaboration list of Iraqi government, besides Russia, still have do not suffer the United States to need the government of Ba Sha Er that see all the time, and Iran. The reason that Iraq gives out is, it is very important to national security to fear information sharing instead, thousands of Russian joins Mohammedan country to make Iraq anxious likewise.

American accurate

To this one arrangement of Iraqi government, the United States is very malcontent. The American blow in Bagdad is Mohammedan Wo Lun of allied spokesman Stephen says the state: We do not support any Syrian government officials intervene.

American Secretary of State writings brush Kerry is combining congress 27 days to discuss clearance and Russia Foreign Minister about Xieergailafuluofu meets. Spokesman of American the State Council says, the United States strive makes clear Russia to be in the intent of act of Iraq and Syria, consideration both sides is likely henceforth mutually beneficial.

We still have a lot of problems to need to consult, this spokesman says.

The United States provided capital of a huge sum and equipment support to Iraq before. The United States fights from Iraqi evacuate after army, still stay was stationed in about 3500 soldiers.

Nevertheless, both sides is not a monolithic bloc. Russia satellite news service reports, iraq last year by Mohammedan country step by step move upon when, the United States stemmed from safe consideration to defer pair of Iraq F - the consign of 16 opportunity for combat, till this year in July just first consign 4 in 36 opportunity for combat. At that time, russia is urgent offerred revive - 25 opportunity for combat, with Yuyilake governmental army is promoting Kelite war of the ground.

Iraqi department of defense say

s in the statement this year January: These (revive - 25) the consign of opportunity for combat is to be inside the frame with terroristic blow of Iraq of international society support finish. As a result of the connection between Russia and Iraqi government, expert of aviation of Russia military affairs offerred opportunity for combat in time.

Statement says, russia still offerred two catastrophe rice 28 knock helicopter by force. In addition, media coverage, the equipment that Russia supplies still includes hind battle helicopter, TOS - 1A bazooka system and system of armor air defence.

Lafuluofu weighs Russia Foreign Minister, russia will continue to provide support to Iraqi government. Additional, russia considers to give technology of Iraqi military affairs helps directly. (Chen Lixi) (stalk of grain especially border client carries Xin Huaguo)

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