Public school sets south Africa Chinese class brings controversy to be pointed to new colonial form

Ministry of Education of south Africa foundation announces 12 days, since next year, public school will offer this country Chinese course. Nevertheless, this plan suffers division of bishop of south Africa civilian object alliedly, this organization says, this i

s the new form that changes colony, south Africa should preferential the language that popularizes African area.

According to the plan, public school next year opened south Africa in January in the light of the classes of 4 Chinese take as an elective course to 9 grade student, mixed 2017 implementation is right 2018 11, 12 grade student offers Chinese course. England " defend a newspaper " 13 days of reports say, language of south Africa government has 11 kinds, language of student take as an elective course includes this country language of Er of rice of Wei Yayu of Er of German, Italian, Latin, Portuguese, a place of strategic importance, peaceful, Urdu and language of peaceful Lu Gu. Muleijia of spokesman of Ministry of Education of south Africa foundation says: Promoting Chinese education is the one part in 10 years of plans that south Africa president signs by last year. Afp says, china grooms assistance teacher of hundreds south Africa, the plan opens 3 Confucius institutes in south Africa.

" defend a newspaper " say, alliance of division of bishop of south Africa civilian expresses to object to popularizing Chinese education, weighing this is to succumb the imperialism at China. Malulie says this organization secretary-general: The problem is not on China and Chinese body, the politician that we are pair of south Africa only and official see of purpose. Critical sound thinks, the economy that south Africa gets China and political impact are too big. China becomes the commerce associate state with the biggest south Africa since 2009.

Chinese culture and international education center (weigh a center below) Dr. Liu Zhilei is accepted 13 days " round-the-world times " when the reporter is interviewed, express, as trade of two countries classics the relation is deepened ceaselessly, now more and more in look forward to walks into south Africa, need many local staff, learn Chinese to be able to enhance the competition ability of south Africa youth. Afp reports cite south Africa 13 days if calm of Paul of scholar of university China research center finishs, Sitanlinbushen says, china in African consequence nowhere is absent, if we did not realize the necessity that learns Chinese, this ability is mysterious.

The promotion of concerned Chinese education in south Africa circumstance, liu Zhilei tells " round-the-world times " reporter, ascend a province to already 14 public schools offer Chinese course in south Africa a person of extraordinary powers at present, central plan saves 30 public schools to offer Chinese course at be being ascended in a person of extraordinary powers next year, reach 100 schools to 2019. Nevertheless Liu Zhilei says, the decision of ministry of foundation of south Africa education whether fulfil depend on finally the board of directors of each schools, chinese class is popularized in south Africa or compare difficulty, the meeting before each school begin school is mixed to curricular content, plan, teaching material the persons qualified to teach undertakes assess. A lot of schools lack understanding to China and Chinese, think to do not have necessary increase a burden for the student. (rou

nd-the-world times is stationed in Wang Yuran of south Africa special correpondent)

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