Thailand hotel depreciates the 4 intermediary that become peaceful: Chinese travel agent can cut price too

Peaceful intermediary says, the Ba bank elegant hotel of several be in a devil of hole faces the pressure of agent of Chinese travel agent, guest room price fall 30% to 40% .

According to Thailand " Bangkok Post " the website will report on July 15, because economic depression brings about European tourist pelter (Russia tourist drops particularly apparent) , this goes vacationing hotel practitioner of the city basically depends on Chinese tourist.

The report says, since last year, the guest room of Ba bank elegant hotel that mainland runs is in the situation that begs for be more than all the time, and the circumstance becomes cake of form smoke into smother, because have the agent of Chinese travel agent of powerful bargain ability,be in price of depress guest room.

Branch of the eastpart part of Thailand hotel association expresses, partial mainland hotel already reduced guest room price considerably below enormous pressure. These native land hotels are likely hotel of large international chain has unlike in that way formidable sale network and cash flow.

The report says, to maintain bread, the guest room price of hotels of a lot of mainland of 5 stars class falls to every night 2200 peaceful an ancient unit of weight (1 yuan of RMB adds up to this 5.51 Tai Zhu nets to note about) , and the guest room price of hotel of 4 stars class is 1400 peaceful an ancient unit of weight about, the guest room price of the hotel with astral a few lower level is 800 peaceful an ancient unit of weight only.

Day of Ba Bo's father says element of admire of embarrassed of chairman of branch of the eastpart part of Thailand

hotel association: Since 2014, a lot of negative factor be a burden on industry of Ba bank elegant hotel. Guest room price fell than 2013 30% to 40% .

Last month, of hotel of Ba bank elegant mainland enter rate for 30% , partial hotel is entered rate is low come a digit. However, of international chain hotel enter rate be in however 65% to 70% the left and right sides.

The report says, agent of Chinese travel agent is clear, since market of the Russia at the beginning of 2014 considerably after atrophy, tourist of elegant need China promotes Ba bank to lead.

Ba bank is elegant ow

n about 2000 hotels, 136 thousand guest room. The hotel of about 90% is managed by local, of the others is international chain hotel.

The report says, usually, chinese tourist favores 2 stars or SamSung hotel, and European tourist likes hotel type apartment and rented house.

Embarrassed admire says, be consumed on average with respect to travel and linger worldly in light of, china goes to Ba bank elegant tourist to soar cannot make up for Russia and European tourist to drop the loss that cause.

He says: Look in us, want these negative factor surrive only, a few years the hotel price with Ba elegant bank will rise impossibly henceforth.

The report says, introduce according to Thailand hotel association, a lot of commercial banks already stopped to Ba bank project of elegant new public house provides loan, predict to arrive to be able to add 500 guest room newly only 2016 from 2015.

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