The museum inside Vietnam river " bump into a face " Shanghai world rich is met Chinese house (group plan)

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Recently, the museum inside the Vietnam river that already built 5 years causes an audience for lack of item on display exiguous and cause local media attention. Meanwhile, appearance of the museum inside the river is exactly like Shanghai world rich if house of meeting China country also becomes local public opinion once more, inscribe. Public opinion thinks, style of building of the museum inside the river has imitate Shanghai world rich the ill will of house of meeting China country. To this, a few Vietnam build an expert to say, the point with certain and similar existence of shell of these two buildings should be coincidence just, nonexistent me-too circumstance.

Comparative figure

The graph is exterior of the museum inside the river.

The museum inside the river is located in inside Vietnam capital river by the national conference center of southwest ministry n

ew the city zone, it is one of buildings of sex of river inland mark, also be Vietnam at present one of the modernest museum. This project designs office design by German GMP building, the appearance shows pyramid model, on the ground 4, underground 2, floor area amounts to 30 thousand square metre. Project of the museum inside the river on May 19, 2008 start working is built, on October 10, 2010 complete. After complete of the museum inside the river, ever public opinion thinks, rich of similar Shanghai world meets this building shell Chinese house.

The graph is look down at in sky the museum inside the river.

According to Xin Huaguo border client carries understanding, vietnam architect ecliptic is respected think, although the museum inside the river was 2008,start working builds, but its design the international of plan to collect the job to begin from 2005, defined final plan 2006. And be known according to him, the design

of house of meeting China country collects Shanghai world rich the work begins from 2007. Accordingly, look from time, the museum inside nonexistent river imitates Chinese architectural likelihood.

The graph is met for Shanghai world rich exterior of Chinese country house.

Ecliptic respects complement to say, treat the condition that whether two buildings are to imitate or borrowed, not only should see architectural surface, mainer is to should see building means, framework wait similar. He thinks, two afore-mentioned structures look from the appearance, the most similar place was used namely pyramid, but the point with other similar without more side, so nonexistent the ill will that imitate.

The graph is night scene of the museum inside the river.

Deng Yuelong of teacher of department of building of built-in work college says the river, see two buildings from intuitionistic angle similar not be rarely seen phenomenon, for example, pouring this kind of pyramid from above to below to chase the appearance with narrow gradual change to design is not the museum inside the river and Shanghai world rich place of house of meeting China country is particular. He thinks, the building shell of complete of foot of these two around is a little similar should be a kind of coincidence on the design, different stylist appears on different structure design similar conception is not rarely seen.

According to Vietnam media coverage, model plum hero ever showed adviser of construction of project of the museum inside the river when 2010, the design program of the museum inside the river defined finally through choosing 2006. According to the project the design chooses the understanding of committee, at that time, asian area has not designed similar large building with appearance of the museum inside the river.

The graph is met for Shanghai world rich night scene of Chinese country house.

Show according to Internet data, on April 25, 2007, shanghai world rich met China 2010 garden area is the mainest program of construction of Chinese house project makes public one of place projects to be collected to the whole world. Start working of house of meeting China country builds Shanghai world rich time was on December 18, 2007, project complete time on Feburary 8, 2010. Chinese house gives priority to a problem with wisdom of urban developing China, because the appearance is exactly like an ancient cap, and the coronal that name east. (editor plum , the picture comes from a network, client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story)

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