Turkey produces assault 1 day 4 cases to contain the United States to get a house to be spearmanned to come from ultra-Left organization by pop

Login register Turkey of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian 1 day to produce assault 4 cases to contain the United States to get a house to be spearmanned to come from: of ultra-Left organization origin by pop? Salary  ?2015-08-11 11:5Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 3 Http://www.mnw.cn/ channel

Turkey encounters 4 one day to include the United States to get a house

Turkey produces assault 10 days 4 cases one after another, cause 8 people death in all. Among them two happen in Istanbul of the biggest city. That day before dawn, area of interest of Sudan shellfish Yi is in police station to encounter suicidal type bomb makes a surprise attack, after several hours, united States of two gunman pop is stationed in Istanbul consulate.

Special alarm in assault the spot strengthens alert. (picture origin: New China / the road is appeared) the United States is stationed in Istanbul consulate. (picture origin: New China / beautiful


Local time 10 days of before dawn 1 when the left and right sides, charger of type of a suicide shifts the car that one detonates to carry explosive near hertz police station in Istanbul law, police station on fire, the part builds a cave in. Subsequently, many armed personnel firings to the police that examines the site, police return fire, fight to count a hour to come continuously that day in the morning.

Network of news of American cable television reports, two gunman and police are torn open accuse a group curule die in fight. News agency of much Lu of Turkey A accept reports, incident causes 10 people to get hurt, include 3 polices.

10 days morning, the United States is stationed in Istanbul consulate to make a surprise attack by two gunman. Istanbul mayor office says, two gunman all are a female, among them one person is injured in assault, be captured subsequently.

After the accident, a few polices that wear ballproof clothes hold emmagee near block consulate street. An official says consulate: We are investigating this to have event jointly with Turkey authorities, get a house to be shut temporarily, open time informs separately.

Same day, the southeast ministry area of inhabit a region of person of heart of Turkey library Er produces assault two cases, happen in Sheernake to save Xiluopi to press down together among them, panzer of a police encounters roadside bomb is hit, on the car 4 polices die.

Turkey army makes a statement say, in making a surprise attack t

ogether additionally, sheernake saves armed personnel of library Er heart to carry helicopter rocket to play to an army, bring about a soldier to die. Message personage discloses, additionally 7 soldiers are wounded.

Gunman comes from ultra-Left organization

The United States gets a house to encounter after raiding, alignment of / of emancipatory party of people of revolution of Turkey ultra-Left organization makes a statement on the net say, assaulting the United States to get a gunman of the house is its member. This organization says the United States is the enemy of middle east people.

According to Xin Huaguo border client carries understanding, alignment of / of revolutionary people emancipatory party also is opposite before American diplomacy orgnaization has launched similar assault. 2013, this one organization launchs assault of suicidal type bomb to the American embassy that is located in Turkey capital to install card to pull, bring about Turkey a guard dies, additionally one person is injured.

Alignment of / of revolutionary people emancipatory party holds water at going up century 70 time, because be engaged in opposing the activity of the United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organization, alliance of the United States, Europe and Turkey label his horrible organization.

A few members are in alignment of / of revolutionary people emancipatory party of late Turkey fears move decline net instead. Turkey begins to start by last month large-scale fear the move instead, the target basically is aimed at party of worker of library Er heart, the Mohammedan country that liberates churchyard of party / alignment and Syria and Iraq in the light of revolutionary people at the same time is organized extremely. This the action arrests about 1300 horrible suspects.

In the past two weeks, claim of party of worker of library Er heart many 20 assault that are aimed at Turkey police and secure armed forces. (The reporter installs Xiao Meng, edit Li Hong, client of Xin Huaguo border carries a story)

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