The Japanese army comforts to rise install Fu " the battle is enthusiastic " give strange court: Open athletic meeting

This abstract from " along with army comfort install Fu " , author: (Day) summer of a thousand li is smooth, press: Hunan people press

On the other hand, comfort in what army government falls install Fu here, as the protraction of time, comfort install Fu people also arose listless. Comfort those who install Fu is listless, as enthusiastic as military action forfeiture is a thing. Lose the army of battle enthusiasm, what be thought to still be inferior to doing not have is good. Want military presence only, have to come to their computation make inside fight plan, this is equal to making the plan that causes whole battle line to break down. Comfort installing Fu also is such, their listless, brought about a soldier to lose interest to them. Lose interest to them, can appear toward local hooter in that way like Wu Chang there the situation that run.

Then management comforts the ministry of each army medical officer that installs Fu (also have what be in charge of by administrative department, ) is in charge of by ministry of army service station in the base that passes army, made the plan that invigorates their morale. The first division is among them one of, hear they hold athletic meeting regularly. It is to give alone of course comfort install Fu to leave. Because if have a soldier,attend,this is, outside fearing hair business. Surgeon of Xu of some public hospital dean speaks of the plain Qi that mentions in front say when the circumstance of games:

Their record of form[......]

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Mexican parents forces to buy a house sell oneself or a member of one's family of 12 years old of daughters records video sale

Service of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video,上海千花网论坛 show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board,上海千花网论坛 promotion provide for the aged is taken


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Dog of belt of general of Hollywood star heart enters a country Australia is checked bay square diplomatic note lets dog euthanasia

Login register general of heart of star of Hollywood of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to take a dog to enter a country is Australia checked bay does square diplomatic note let: of dog euthanasia origin? This ┏ collate?2015-05-16 14:1Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

Pirate captain loves a dog with his.

Australian government and Caribbean pilfer are dry went up, the fuse is two dogs. 13 days, australian Ministry of Agriculture becomes red star to Hollywood, " Caribbean pilfer " serial main actor writings brush Nidepu issues ultimatum about, deadline gives movement of his two pet dog 72 hours Australia, otherwise they will be put to death.

Diplomatic note or lets dog euthanasia

Heart general is filming in Australia " Caribbean pilfer " the 5th collect, because hand ministry gets hurt to will return American cure in March, lunar return Australia continues to pat on piece. But, he is taking pet dogskin on private plane Situoer and wave, quarantine was not declared to Australian custom however when entering a country. Australian quarantine system is rigid, carry an animal to enter a country need to declare. After entering a country, the animal must accept quarantine of at least 10 days of segregation.

Agricultural minister Banabiqiaoyisi urges heart general 14 days to remand the dog again the United States, also do not want to see them again otherwise. Now, gentleman of or heart general remands[......]

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Now international news

The man dresses up to the passenger dew private parts tattooes the skin on female airliner ban fly (graph)

Occupy month of 5 of website of news of American rich guest 11 days to report, washington of Mu of soup of 22 years old of men (Tom Washington) and companion dress up female, take a plane to go Ma Lue blocks an island. During, he is dallied with by Wu. . .

2015-05-16 10:16 origin: ? Blame Nao?
Beiteer and same sex spouse hold Luxembourg premier bridal

Local time on May 15, 2015, luxembourg city hall, beiteer and spouse of its same sex wear Luxembourg premier Siteni holds wedding. Beiteer also becomes European Union first place to conclude the leader of v/arc be on the throne of same sex marriage.

2015-05-16 10:05 origin: ? Discharge  A sunshine?
In Nepalese be missing beautiful helicopter debris is discovered the spot has 3 remains

In report will occupy new network on May 15 associated press report, nepalese defense minister announces 15 days local time, before discovering this, be in Nepalese participate in provide disaster relief, and the American helicopter debris that is missing subsequently. The rescuer still discovered 3 machine around debris. . .

2015-05-15 16:15 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Senior aide lest raids be on trial be on trial before Ben Ladeng or be sentenced lifelong imprisonment

In report will occupy new network on May 15 American media coverage, base organizes the predecessor senior aide of head Aosamabe[......]

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Mu Erxi of the president before Egypt is sentenced because of escape from prison multinomial accusation is faced after capital punishment is nonofficeholding

Because is escape from prison sentenced,log onto Mu Erxi of the president before registering Egypt of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: of multinomial accusation origin is faced with after is capital punishment nonofficeholding? ?2015-05-18 10:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

In report will report new net integratedly on May 18, local time 16 days, mu Erxi of the president before Egypt should be sentenced because of blame of escape from prison capital punishment. This one court decision of the court cau上海千花网论坛ses international to astonish, american respect expresses to be deeply concerned badly, say this one court decision has be contrary to at international standard standard. Egypt respect refutes the criticism of partial country, say this is independent to Egypt judicatory interference. And outside the blame of escape from prison besides this, mu Erxi still is faced with spy, piece alarm, the multinomial accusation such as incendiary force.

On April 21, muerxi of the president before Egypt in Egypt Caire one court appears in court. Muerxi of the president before one court adjudicates Egypt that day is imprisoned 20 years, case of its place experience is the remonstrant before door of presidential government office was killed 2012 one case.

The first Mu Erxi is Egypt civilian elect a president. However, after he appears on the stage, the government of its le[......]

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General Beijing signs new proposed law to ban in Russia " undesirable " blame government organization

In report will occupy new network on May 24 outside intermediary report, beijing of Ru上海千花网论坛ssia president general signs new proposed law, allow to prohibit the foreign country is organized or the orgnaization is reached in the activity inside this territory run.

The blame government that this law exemple allows authorities check to control a foreign country is organized (NGO) perhaps is maintained to be undesirable foreign company on national security level. According to the report, the individual that organizes the work to be not a government may face fine or highest 6 years of imprisonment.

Russia internationa上海千花网论坛l article sends telecommunications company (Interfax) points to, this regulation is to apply to those constitution that are considered as pair of Russia to make force of order foundation, national defence and safety form minatory organization.

According to the report, the blame government organization that concerns with politics is in Russia had been restricted before this, a law that passed 2012 asks these organizations are registered for foreign representative orgnaization.

The proponent of new code expresses, in Wukelan the problem brings about condition to last below nervous setting, russia avoids to be very important by outside interference.

But government of a few wests and blame government organization are right the imply that arrange of this with one action alludes expresses concern. American the State Council expresses special uneasiness to this one code. Ha[......]

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Class of Afghan tower benefit detonates 1 ton of explosive to send 1 person death to exceed 40 people injury

In report will occupy new network on May 25 outside intermediary report, afghan police says, local time 25 days, the south binds this state the suicidal type bomb that Boer province produces to be appl上海千花网论坛ied by Dalibanshi together makes a surprise attack, cause personal casualty. Police expresses, charger detonated the explosive that hefts 1 ton.

Afghan police says, assault of bomb of this suicide type happens in the one place government that ties Boer province provincial capital to build a gate to be in, charger was detonated install the explosive on a lorry, explosive gross weight makes an上海千花网论坛 appointment with 1 ton.

Police still says, this assault causes about 40 people to get hurt. The intermediary outside occupying reports before this, assault causes 1 person death, more than 40 people are injured.

In addition, what police says to make raid is charger of bomb of type of suicide of class of benefit of a tower. According to the report before this, still state without the organization to this assault is in charge of.


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Philippine the oldest naval vessel enlists in army to build oil tanker to change one's costume or dress by China (graph)

Login register text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian does Philippine the oldest naval vessel enlist in army to build oil tanker to change one's costume or dress by China (graph) origin: ? ?2015-05-27 16:2 of fie of Juan scald in order to remove hairs or feathersEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 5 Http:// channel

According to Philippine main commercial TV and website of GMA Network of infinite network provider will report on May 23, an oil tanker was contributed to send Philippine navy, become Philippine navy ship of the first supply, this also is the naval ships with Philippine the biggest navy. Name of this supply ship is Kalilaya lake date, board size AF81. This boat original name is pull general - the date that pull general, dockyard of resurgence of city of stage of department China Zhejiang is built. Philippine navy expresses, this supply ship will promote Philippine navy effectively to be in high seas and so-called economy are exclusive the action ability of the area, apparent Philippine do not be willing to be opposite in Nanhai Chinese give the impression of weakness.

The Kalilaya in transforming lake date

Calculate size of Tu Lexin board, of old ship name raised still staying

Before transforming pull general - oil tanker of the date that pull general

Say according to Philippine navy, this boat was contributed in March 2014 after Philippine navy, the dry dock that Philippine navy is in 8 dozens of wild goose an[......]

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Bulate makes public Beijing of general of judiciary of critical United States to send congratulatory telegram after be reappointed consecutively

When Bulate of chairman of international sufficient couplet accepts Swiss medium 30 numbers to visit, express, believing Swiss police arrests many high level before election of chairman of national sufficient couplet is coincidence.

After Bulate attends the press conference that international sufficient couplet holds, continue to oppugn Swiss police and American judiciary publicly to arrest the action in order to embezzle what accusation place undertakes.

Bulate criticizes American judiciary publicly, show the United States上海千花网论坛 holds the post of cross the border of attorney general Lynch newly again, actually because embezzle a problem, ask the police of another country is adopted arrest the action.

上海千花网论坛Additional, beijing of Russia president general sends congratulatory telegram to Bulate, congratulate post of chairman of sufficient couplet of international of his success be reappointed consecutively. General Beijing expresses in message of congratulation, cloth pulls special experience and mana, the help he promotes the football career promotion in the whole world further. General Beijing says again, russia will continue all effort, had done 2018 world cup football match.


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