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Pirate captain loves a dog with his.

Australian government and Caribbean pilfer are dry went up, the fuse is two dogs. 13 days, australian Ministry of Agriculture becomes red star to Hollywood, " Caribbean pilfer " serial main actor writings brush Nidepu issues ultimatum about, deadline gives movement of his two pet dog 72 hours Australia, otherwise they will be put to death.

Diplomatic note or lets dog euthanasia

Heart general is filming in Australia " Caribbean pilfer " the 5th collect, because hand ministry gets hurt to will return American cure in March, lunar return Australia continues to pat on piece. But, he is taking pet dogskin on private plane Situoer and wave, quarantine was not declared to Australian custom however when entering a country. Australian quarantine system is rigid, carry an animal to enter a country need to declare. After entering a country, the animal must accept quarantine of at least 10 days of segregation.

Agricultural minister Banabiqiaoyisi urges heart general 14 days to remand the dog again the United States, also do not want to see them again otherwise. Now, gentleman of or heart general remands the dog California, we let or their euthanasia. Those must amount to emigrant minister to also warn heart general suddenly, violate quarantine regu

lation, the likelihood eats high specified number to punish sheet.

Petition leaves a dog below requirement knife

The war that turn over a dog makes big hot label on gregarious website of Australia, " defend a newspaper " begin reciprocal to time for wave and Pisituoer even.

Joyce expresses, although heart general is big star, but everybody is equal before law, cannot open precedent. Even if be two,be judged to be the world the movie star of the sexiest man, if allow them to take a dog to enter a country, be pair of other everybody so give the wrongdoer a way out?

Nevertheless, outstanding gram captain not power only power is thin. A large number of netizens sponsor petitionary activity 14 days on the net, the requirement leaves a dog below governmental knife. If we put to death the pet of a big star, australia will leave how bad impression to the person, a memorialist says.

Speak to put in a dog 's charge all day long

Also somebody takes this thing to spea

k. This puts in a dog 's charge all day long, a netizen is written on small gain. Another leaves a message say: Strange not at all, pirate won't understand magic art of quarantine of what border land of course.

This storm wave rises even for political incident. In Australian parliament, opposition the Labour Party is maintained, depude enters a country to be not discovered however with taking a dog, because be in office,be party side cut down quarantine funds. Spokesman of a the Labour Party says, joyce is in hold Er and rise in revolt of Ni Depu agreement writing in the palm to pitiful old wave wave and Pi Si.

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