General Beijing signs new proposed law to ban in Russia " undesirable " blame government organization

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ssia president general signs new proposed law, allow to prohibit the foreign country is organized or the orgnaization is reached in the activity inside this territory run.

The blame government that this law exemple allows authorities check to control a foreign country is organized (NGO) perhaps is maintained to be undesirable foreign company on national security level. According to the report, the individual that organizes the work to be not a government may face fine or highest 6 years of imprisonment.

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l article sends telecommunications company (Interfax) points to, this regulation is to apply to those constitution that are considered as pair of Russia to make force of order foundation, national defence and safety form minatory organization.

According to the report, the blame government organization that concerns with politics is in Russia had been restricted before this, a law that passed 2012 asks these organizations are registered for foreign representative orgnaization.

The proponent of new code expresses, in Wukelan the problem brings about condition to last below nervous setting, russia avoids to be very important by outside interference.

But government of a few wests and blame government organization are right the imply that arrange of this with one action alludes expresses concern. American the State Council expresses special uneasiness to this one code. Ha Fu of spokesman of American the State Council (Marie Harf) says in a statement: We fear this new power meets what restrict Russia folk society further move.

Secretary of state of British Europe general affairs (second official) Li Ting pauses (David Lidington) points to, this is Russia authorities harrass NGO and of concerned staff member another paradigmatic.

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