In report will occupy new network on June 28 outside intermediary report, case of A of Indian north state plays railroad policeman the sweeping operation that occur for the first time launched a by a definite date 48 hours a few days ago, 109 go up in railroad belongings of pee red-handed the jail that be entered by

detain 24 hours, the ability after capture pays fine but get-off.

The report says, case of A of Indian north state pulls the Tai Jiling that is one of 7 old wonderful view of world to be in city .

It is reported, local police station is long agree accept to the station each corner is full of the people in public pee and the behavior detest that say areca juice in disorder, give orders to police takes action to these people and undertake condemnatory.

The report points out, 48 hours ban the action to be in area under administration with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning of 12 place station, arrest 109 people in all. They are arrived to be in by capture include platform and orbit to jockey the pee on the railroad belongings such as the area.

These convict detain the jail that be entered by detain 24 hours, depend on the clue weight of the social effects of pollution that cause, hand in in capture 100 to 500 rupee differ the get-off after fine.

Agree accept is being accepted when interviewing, express, sweeping action is premier Mo Diqing the one annulus in clean India motion, the person that break the law will be punished the 34th times according to constabulary law.

He says: Even more c

omes 60 years, the Indian changes to be not dropped all the time everywhere of pee abusive. But Agela welcomes visitor of millions foreign country every year, communal and formal allow us easily shirk?

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