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Late on June 26 local time, american queer is in Hollywood holds los angeles on the west assembly celebrates an activity. That day, american supreme court make a historic adjudication, 9 old judges with 5 lawfuller than the marriage of result adjudication same sex of 4, this means same sex spouse to will be in complete beauty henceforth 50 cities are registered marry.

The intermediary outside occupying reports, american federal supreme court 26 days with 5:4ticket number decides, american federal charter guarantees the right of same sex marriage. But the controversy that this fails to appease society of because of this problem United States of long become divided. While the proponent that becomes large quantities of queer and them is celebrated joyously for this adjudication, a few conservative cities are belonged to claim won't abide by adjudicates on from now on.

The report says, american supreme court rules same sex marriage is after the whole n

ation is lawful, it is reported, american south close cc expresses than the total chief procurator of city and Louisiana city, local court still needs time to grind read this adjudication, the ability after the fastest likelihood needs to count a day can decide whether be same sex spouse to do a marriage certificate.

In addition, pakesidu tells Texas total chief procurator more clearly the employee of responsible conduction marriage certificate, if involve,violate religious belief, they can reject to send a marriage certificate to same sex spouse.

Pakesidu emphasizes him wanting to safeguard toleration in statement, he says: Marriage is one male one female union, this is the simple fact that can alter without any courts, law or character. Our rudder should be the religious belief that protects those hope him basises work of a future life, job and the person that organize a family.

The republic partisans that does not support same sex marriage generally also condemns the adjudication of the supreme court in succession. Already announced to join president of United States of the coming year within the party the Jin Daer of Louisiana state governor of primary election (Bobby Jindal) points to this adjudication is to be in belief of Nazarene of comprehensive enroach on paves a road freely.

Another participate a person, texas senator overcomes Lu Ci (Ted Cruz) more cast civil " the countryman is commented on " (National Review) , critical supreme court is inordinate, suggest to pursue judge election system, it is in order to effect a radical cure judicatory runs amuck only.

Problem of legalization of same sex marriage gets attention of American all circles fully all the time, concerned controversy already lasted in the United States tens of year long. In the argumentative sound with proponent and continual anti, american society turns to self-identity from repulsion gradually in the manner on this one problem.

Aobama publishs an address in rosary of the White House that day midday, express to welcome to adjudication. Aobama says, this one adjudication is the victory of Aobogefeier and other accuser not only, also be the victory of all same sex spouse and its children, it is American victory more. He says, if all American can by equal treatment, so the United States will become more free.

So far, the United States becomes the state that the whole world allows same sex spouse the 21st times to marry inside countrywide limits. According to beautiful intermediary report, at present crowd of spouse of completely beautiful same sex already achieved millions.

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