Mu Erxi of the president before Egypt is sentenced because of escape from prison multinomial accusation is faced after capital punishment is nonofficeholding

Because is escape from prison sentenced,log onto Mu Erxi of the president before registering Egypt of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: of multinomial accusation origin is faced with after is capital punishment nonofficeholding? ?2015-05-18 10:3 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 9 Http:// channel

In report will report new net integratedly on May 18, local time 16 days, mu Erxi of the president before Egypt should be sentenced because of blame of escape from prison capital punishment. This one court decision of the court cau

ses international to astonish, american respect expresses to be deeply concerned badly, say this one court decision has be contrary to at international standard standard. Egypt respect refutes the criticism of partial country, say this is independent to Egypt judicatory interference. And outside the blame of escape from prison besides this, mu Erxi still is faced with spy, piece alarm, the multinomial accusation such as incendiary force.

On April 21, muerxi of the president before Egypt in Egypt Caire one court appears in court. Muerxi of the president before one court adjudicates Egypt that day is imprisoned 20 years, case of its place experience is the remonstrant before door of presidential government office was killed 2012 one case.

The first Mu Erxi is Egypt civilian elect a president. However, after he appears on the stage, the government of its leader and opposition contradiction are ceaseless become acute, street demonstrate grows in intensity. On June 30, 2013, mu Erxi is in office one anniversary day, egypt erupts extensive processional put on a show of force. On July 3, egypt army controls an aspect with failing for, announce to remove Muerxi's president post.

Nonofficeholding hind, mu Erxi is detained to be in private land to nod, the move after 4 months reachs Alexander city the jail of guard of a height, lock up up to now.

Since Mu Erxi is nonofficeholding, the Moslem frat that its are in is included horror to organize list by Egypt authorities, a large number of solemn elder brother that include solemn elder brother to be able to lead a layer inside meet member and proponent be arrested, face trial because of be suspected of incendiary force waiting, more than 1000 people are sentenced capital punishment.

Last month 21 days, mu Erxi in Egypt Caire courtyard of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household appears in court be on trial be on trial, the person in opposing governmental put on a show of force, give orders to arrest demonstrate that the judge adjudged Muerxi to erupted 2012 in Egypt that day is right demonstrate person inflict violence, sentence imprisonment 20 years and must not bail. This is first accusation that Muerxi is adjudged.

Besides t

he use force blame that already was adjudged at present and blame of escape from prison, mu Erxi still is pointed to to reveal national secret, destroy Egypt to stabilize with foreign force collude. During be being locked up, he ever appeared in court with respect to these accusation for many times be on trial be on trial.

In front courtyard careful of 16 days, accusation has the emissary crime that Caire criminal court returns pair of Muerxi at the same time cognizance, the result sentences solemn elder brother to meet with emissary blame many leader capital punishment, nevertheless Muerxi spares capital punishment.

In addition, egypt court official will say this year in March, the 25 people that include Muerxi inside will insult judicatory system because of be suspected of this month 23 days of be on trial be on trial.

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