Philippine next month will appear in court international arbitration tribunal defends with respect to Nanhai problem

Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs says 15 days, phenanthrene government will expedite the group that forms by native official and American lawyer to appear in court at the beginning of July hearing of arbitration tribunal of The Hague international, with respect to Philippine Nanhai territory the view undertakes plead.

The intermediary outside occupying reports, this hearing will be held on July 7, involved lawsuit has the Nanhai territory controversy between humble of the central Shaanxi plain, initiated in January 2013 by Philippine government.

If why Charles of spokesman of Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs fills in, reportorial cite says, at present, we are the apologetic job that will have in The Hague to 13 days on July 7 to prepare oral argue statement. The group that comes from Manila and United States will be flown to over there.

Latter, philippine government with respect to Nanhai problem the force outside ceaseless collude region defies China. Afterwards will be signed with the United States last year in April " strengthen defense cooperation agreement " hind, during day is being visited at the beginning of this year June, seek again strengthen a military affairs to cooperate with Japan. The United States and Japanese respect also are considering limits will patrol to expand to Nanhai in the sky of Japanese militia.

To the offensive that phenanthrene government launchs to China on Nanhai problem, " Manila times " published a comment 15 days to have attack.

The comment thinks, philippine president lives to protect oneself are ceaseless the political actual strength of die, strive is in Philippine create a kind of atmosphere, namely Philippine should d

efy together with the United States, Japan China, even with Chinese battle.

The comment points out at the same time, china has apiration and Philippine will settle Nanhai dispute through negotiating, dan Aji Nuo does not accept such negotiation, conflict of be involved in of the force outside inviting region

instead creates tension, because his behavior is a kind of dangerous step.

On January 22, 2013, china of note of Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs is stationed in Philippine embassy to say, philippine medium phenanthrene mentions to arbitrate compulsively about the dispute with Nanhai jurisdictional ocean. Note of government of go back humble and place added Chinese government on Feburary 19, 2013 arbitral announcement, after this for many times tell the world, china is not accepted, do not participate in Philippine the arbitration that mention. Dan Fei government is disregarded in square footing, still submitted alleged petition to international arbitration tribunal on March 30, 2014.

About Nanhai problem, hong Lei of spokesman of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs ever expressed, china is in the history forms the marine rights and interests of Nanhai, get the protection of law of nations. To concerning the marine controversy between the country together, zhongfangyizhi devotes oneself to to pass negotiation and negotiation to solve when thing country with what concern directly.

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