According to BBC report, treat equally without discrimination of Spanish king Fei Lipei, ma of Er of handkerchief of privative elder sister the honor of duchess. The elder sister that king expends Li Peiliu world overcomes Lisidina princess and marital Wudanjialin are accused to involve finance to embezzle, and will be on trial be on trial. But the princess denies Christina those who concern point to say.

Christina's honor is 1997 with before champion of Olympic Games handball is awarded when Wudanjialin marriage. Her lawyer expresses, the Si Dina in the gram's princess asks Fei Lipei is kingly and privative its honor, but Spanish royal family expresses, king decides in what privative title has made before the demand that sees her


Since Christina becomes this country to restored a royal family 1975, the first place is faced with the royal member of accusation. If accusation holds water, two people may be sentenced put in prison. Paerma's check accuses square long-t

erm since the commercial operation that investigating Wudanjialin.

Christina is to assume office kingly Huankaluosi most year young daughter.

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