The Japanese army comforts to rise install Fu " the battle is enthusiastic " give strange court: Open athletic meeting

This abstract from " along with army comfort install Fu " , author: (Day) summer of a thousand li is smooth, press: Hunan people press

On the other hand, comfort in what army government falls install Fu here, as the protraction of time, comfort install Fu people also arose listless. Comfort those who install Fu is listless, as enthusiastic as military action forfeiture is a thing. Lose the army of battle enthusiasm, what be thought to still be inferior to doing not have is good. Want military presence only, have to come to their computation make inside fight plan, this is equal to making the plan that causes whole battle line to break down. Comfort installing Fu also is such, their listless, brought about a soldier to lose interest to them. Lose interest to them, can appear toward local hooter in that way like Wu Chang there the situation that run.

Then management comforts the ministry of each army medical officer that installs Fu (also have what be in charge of by administrative department, ) is in charge of by ministry of army service station in the base that passes army, made the plan that invigorates their morale. The first division is among them one of, hear they hold athletic meeting regularly. It is to give alone of course comfort install Fu to leave. Because if have a soldier,attend,this is, outside fearing hair business. Surgeon of Xu of some public hospital dean speaks of the plain Qi that mentions in front say when the circumstance of games:

Their record of formal schooling, it is graduation of lower primary school for the most part, among them higher primary school graduates have two people, this also is to belong to an intellectual. Mention athletic meeting so, the much in them misses the experience of moment of lower primary school only. All be in later in that the society is the most rock-bottom struggled, without any a bit fun. So the surgeon of rear hospital just mentioned an athletic meeting, they rise with respect to excitement immediately. Especially Korea person comforts in the eye that install Fu glisten, some poured out of tear even. They were to remembered the thing of happy girlhood suddenly likely.

Opened athletic meeting like the girl's school that day like. They give out giggle charming laugh, roll about continuously on the meadow with joy. What they love to look most is 100-meter dash. Korea person comforts install Fu people age is light, have physical power, accordingly first prize became them. Before they are holding out chest, go receiving award, so excited that hot tear is filled with the socket of eye.

More interesting is the morrow that the head of games has mixed one day, will comfort the soldiers that bring place reveal: Just if saw another person. Their body is so resilient, really breathtaking. Till games opens a month later, still remaining aftereffect perhaps says is an influence. Soldiers are very glad also. No matter games is right they, still have profit to soldiers. Surgeon ministry also tried to do literary show to meet, but it is so good to hear the effect does not have games. Anyhow, open the less than of a week of games, let soldiers at the same time cuddle is worn, at the same time him narrate is how running tenaciously, when taking biscuit race, biscuit is how sweet.

In Er of dried meat bag, surgeon and headquarters staff won't take the go on a journey outside them to play, the personnel that allegedly they let report a class sometimes and send the journalist that come people taking them to go for an outing.

Of course , such a few practices, the army that the officer that bringing a certain number of human nature on battlefield only is in and be stationed ground exist, it is amount to really not much. Develop these activities, not be major unit and be stationed ground. In comfort usually install Fu people without any fun, be look upon of comfort station be regardinged as. In such a few comfort how in place, hear female people takes off next briefs vent in the sides of a garment to go to all day long only over there lose, fishily figures trick, say mechanically to had been worn in the mouth, next, good, be next! Soldiers are extremely graceless also. Write here, make the person remembered the couple of one Fu much husband comes. Legionary this kind of thing, there is company in the mouth is a family, but still be battle collective from beginning to end actually. The battle is the first, give advice it may not be a bad idea, surgeon it may not be a bad idea, manger department it may not be a bad idea, what what consider is this only. Together with, did not regard sexual problem as new issue, flat do not wear briefs vent in the sides of a garment comfort how Fu is much, also be the thing of have no alternative.

The fast cane mist of the hotel leaves around the private railroad station of 3 rivers island, it is 58 years old, she is in Chinese mid flounder and other places of Yu Jiujiang, Anqing, Chinese mouth comforts the Yuan Weian Fu that brings place. Hear she is in formerly the loose hill of Shikoku should cross unlicensed prostitute, was canvassed to become 1939 of Shikoku corps comfort install Fu. One day, she goes up with respect to battlefield comfort the psychology that installs Fu, say with me: Should go up comfort when installing Fu, when just reaching ground, the heart envisages me the person of such bodies, still can be national work for. But, in fore

front comfort when bringing place, fall not bad. Arrived however base of rear army service station comforts after bringing place, also may be to be used to gradually, some feel exhaustion rises. Because be in,this is forefront, have a meal at the same place with soldiers, feel soldiers perhaps will be met dead tomorrow. We also stem from sincerity to comfort them. Officer people also be such, meet to say: You worked hard! Who knew rear, really comfort station be regardinged as is same. Among officer and soldiers, some also says in that way face to face even. This is the thing in Anqing moment, I was called by an officer of transient ar

my, only be expert at thing when let go to bed, after was over, he haughties to say be proudingly: Sleep on the floor! As the person for, do not have courtesy too! I say so with him, endured kick. The more the youth jumps over simple kindness, after after was over, saying you are painstaking aloud, ability goes back.

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