Italy is stationed in Caire to get house explosion to send 5 people to get hurt front of the building that get a house is destroyed

Servic上海千花网论坛e of provide for the aged of attention spring city makes happy and senile living

The net austral Fujian rolls out special subject report, the form such as to in an attempt to, article, video, show fontal state filling career of neat provide for the aged is brief board, promotio上海千花网论坛n provide for the aged is taken


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Copyright of check foreign country protects: One tort case of Canadian ever was punished exceed ten million

If you are in Canada, still had downloaded song, film or TV program in the website, that was about to take care, because you may receive tort announcement at any time.

Canada has a batch of platoons to check the network police of network tort behavior, their comply with warns system clause act, anybody discovers tort behavior can serve business contact with the network at any time, the network serves chamber of commerce instantly the IP address that collect is suspected of tort user, intercurrent tort informs them of the warning.

Any tort behavior

Can be checked the whole thing comes to light

Network news of Canada, no matter be article, music or it is video serve a supplier to be in charge of cache by the network or mandatory. Although major news indicated clearly to pay cost way, but inevitably, some networks ace can download these resource with free means.

Little imagine, all metropolises that you become on the net leave a mark, include you where to be among them, the record of all websites that you visit, your friend is what person, you are interested in what, when still including you to get online, like to do what, download what, what to read, bought what and what to sell. Because every computer has his identity to identify card IP address, once join gets online, the network serves business to be able to affirm the use address of computer.

Be in Canada, comply with warns network polices system clause act, anybody discovers tort behavior can serve business contact with[......]

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Japanese anxious spy installs the severe punishment that be sentenced times or face new difficult problem

Chinese sequestered doubt is like latest news of Japanese female spy: In recent years, japanese police is in all the time capture the Chinese doubt that is in Japan to be like spy, this China arrests Japanese doubt to be like spy, is China right of afore-mentioned Japanese actions strike back? Jinshangjunzai is pushing Japanese scholar 11 days to get on such writing especially. The Chinese pursues the story of espial in Japan, lie between period of time to be able to appear almost. Japan " produce classics news " say, osaka police ever arrested 62 years old at the beginning of this year Chinese, he is the president of a trading company, be had to contact with Chinese liberation army regularly by suspicion, the technical information that filch applica上海千花网论坛ble Yu Jun is versed in. This Chinese by be arrested in order to violate foreigner entry law. And Japanese right-wing media " keep fast newspaper " not long ago also publishs caption of create a sensation to say, about 80 thousand student studying abroads that China is in Japan are Chinese spy.

Japan " morning sun weekly " when international of cite of newest first phase politics the reporter is big wild and base the article says, japanese government denies the statement that sends spy to China to be able to invite person ridicule only. Japanese government established national security to ensure the conference in recent years (NSC) with aggrandizement external information activity. Not long ago, australian media ever was announc[......]

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Sexual behavior of Tan Qing's teenager calculates BBC new program not to calculate a gender to invade provoke controversy

Login register new program of BBC of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to talk about teenage sexual behavior to calculate do not calculate a gender to invade offend controversy origin: ? Person?2015-11-04 11:3Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

Is the gender invaded comfortable do not suit to go up program discussion?

According to Taiwan media Dong Senxin hears the cloud to report, BBC (BBC) the channel below the banner rolls out new program recently, descriptive adolescent opens a clique to be opposite or orgiastic wait for a process, discuss to fall in the sort of state, the sexual behavior that happens between the men and women calculates do not calculate a gender to invade, ask the opinion of different adolescent. Personage of defend conventional moral principles is drawn to criticize after the program broadcasts, think this action can let adolescent produce misunderstanding to acceptable sexual behavior, create problem of more men and women.

The name is " Is This Rape? Sex On Trial " (interpret of of short duration: Do this calculate a gender to invade? Sexual behavior tries) the program broadcasts in the channel below BBC banner, film the Communist Party of China has 3 different drama to pile up, cont上海千花网论坛ent is behavior of about means is being contacted because of what differ between little male girl hair natural disposition (send for example drink to going up much) , look for many 20 18 teena[......]

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Who is IS next target? What is the purpose of terrorist assault Paris

Who is IS next target? What is the purpose of terrorist assault Paris, the expert says through causing large-scale civilian casualties gives French government as a result whole peace world thereby use force, this is their sole purpose.

Can be like a Gu island without who in the sea alone the clay join with small like everybody becomes crouch if whole land has a clay to be met to lose one part by briny concussion Europe if this is same a hill cape also, also make an appointment with writing much favour for you (1572-1631)

Claim terrifies Mohammedan country piece: Issue one target London, rome, Washington also there is no escape

Integrated Xinhua News Agency, CCTV reports

French Paris just spends World War II one day the darkest since the victory.

Local time 13 days of evening, french Paris produces a series of horror to assault incident, cause death of at least 120 people.

14 days of before dawn call together French president Aolangde temporarily ministerial meeting, approved critical state law, french mainland and island of division Xi Jia enter urgent state since immediateness. Critical state law will allow to prohibit personnel flows and establishing safety to protect area.

The plan that group peak meets the 20 countries that Ao Langde still cancelled to head for Turkey to attend to begin to hold on 15 days that day.

Meanwhile, france temporarily ministerial meeting still approved the flange that is in about strengthening Paris on the west the law of insular area safet[......]

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Aobama makes known his position to appeal perfect legislation accusing a gun with respect to California pop incident

Local time on December 2, na Dinuo of shellfish of emperor of city of south of American California city produces pop event, already discovered at least 20 victim remains at present, incident detail still is in further investigation.

Washington of China News Service on December 2 report (reporter Zhang Wei like that) American president Aobama with respect to California emperor 2 days record of pop of Bai Nadi Nuo declares where one stands local time, appeal the United States perfects legislation accusing a gun, carry out firmer background to examine, firearms of keep within limits is violent.

Shengbainadinuo produces California southern part 2 days pop incident, cause death of at least 14 people, 14 people are injured, at present the murderer is at large, commit the crime motive is unidentified, the person that hurt already was sent toward the hospital in succession. Police expresses to show without information this case and horrible assault are concerned at present.

Aobama expressed when accepting American media to interview that day, our heart and pop case victim and its family member are together, those who need to point out is, the large-scale pop record that American place produces is in the whole world is unique. In fact the United States can take a few step, although cannot p上海千花网论坛revent pop file completely each cases, also can reduce the frequency that pop case produces effectively.

He emphasizes, the United States should be carried out through legislation stricter accu[......]

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Outside intermediary: How times or defer on Ming Xia of tone consumption tax holds lightning general election again

Log onto the intermediary outside registering text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian: How times or defer on does Ming Xia of tone consumption tax hold: of origin of lightning general election again? ?2015-12-18 10:2 of huge rock of discharge  contractionEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 7 Http:// channel

In report will occupy new network on December 18 outside intermediary report, japanese premier is installed times Jin Sanke can be deferred again on tone consumption tax, plan to be when election of senate of next year summer, disband Boule to hold lightning general election.

Data picture: Japanese premier brings times advance 3. Liu Zhen of new network reporter is photographed in

The report says, this action will make bring times leader from civilian party within the party finance standpatter feels disturbed. Public debt and social security cost will bring about a huge sum that official of Ministry of finance already worried about Japan governmental finance is afterwards hard.

Nevertheless, these is anxious that install won't let times reach its assistant to change mind. Personage of message of Japanese political circles says, how times waiting for a person is to be based on politics to plan at present economy of and rather than thinks will make policy.

Bring times government last year in April consumption tax from 5% on tone comes 8% hind, japanese economy is immersed in decline. Install times immediately to will[......]

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Bobby of Brazilian true person has his moment gigantic bosom of 32F of 1.5 feet fine waist denies plastic (group plan)

Login register Bobby of true person of Brazil of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to have one's moment does gigantic bosom of 32F of 1.5 feet fine waist deny plastic (group plan) origin: ?  tries know上海千花网论坛 well?2015-12-18 15:0Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 8 Http:// channel

According to England " daily Post " will report on December 17, 23 years old of girls of Nao of ministry cloth Lu Mei austral Brazil much Mi Anni of An Derui Sha (Andressa Damiani) have 20 inches (about 1.5 feet) of fine waist and 32F be proud person, be exactly like Bobby baby and Dishini Ai Ersha of princess of cartoon ice and snow, have one's moment network.

Be exactly like Bobby baby besides the figure besides, an Derui Sha still becomes angry through wearing invisible glasses and the Bobby baby figure in making up to present a reality to people. She opens netizen of Taoism of frequency of United States makeup to make up Ai Ersha on Youtube, win those who exceed 600 thousand vermicelli made from bean starch to chase after hold in both hands.

An Derui Sha likes others to call her Bobby baby or Ai Ersha, she says this raised her self-confident heart. She states a lot of people suspect her outside authenticity, think she is mixed through plastic be on a diet insalubriously will achieve a goal, but she denies herself to had done plastic to ex上海千花网论坛press to carry a figure usually only through walking a dog.

An Derui Sha says she when is very bashf[......]

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Reynolds discharges cogged experience new proposal to check a stock to steep fall by assault (graph)

Login register Reynolds of text of news of international of center of news of the network austral Fujian to discharge cogged experience new proposal to check a stock to steep fall by assault (graph) origin: ? Fierce?2016-01-15 09:4 of discharge  Edition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 0 Http:// channel

Because Chinese economy net is suspected of tail gas discharging test cheat, personnel of con case investigation is opposite France division of Reynolds firm office undertakes assault is checked, confiscate much station computer. Zhou Si, reynolds car share price steeps fall exceed 20% , department the oldest odd-numbered days drops since 1999.

Local time 12:10, reynolds share drops in P上海千花网论坛aris 16% , sign up for 72.98 euro. Some earlier moment ever dropped for a time more than 20% , beautiful drop 8% , to 13.61 euro.

The official of the labour union CGT with Reynolds上海千花网论坛 the biggest group confirmed afore-mentioned informations to media. The official Florent Grimaldi of CGT labour union expresses, con case investigates French economy ministry the staff member seek by inquiry of the office the office place of Reynolds car, this place involves the relevant matters concerned of standard test and engine attestation. The word of Grimaldi also confirmed the report before French media.

Reynolds government expresses, will publishing the government to state subsequently, but at present of short duration not buy is judged.

Grimaldi Zhousi expresses, because masses derv car di[......]

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Burmese in endowment hydroelectric station start working lays aside local to turn over dam to parade 1 many year

Close loose hydroelectric station ever was medium endowment the example that the company takes door going abroad, but after the destiny that lays aside one many year with respect to experience in start working, the project that this so-called can compares 3 gorge large dams of Chinese already made a cut in popular feeling of Chinese abroad project, also be medium a between remote big a knot in one's heart. These year, each just report about what loosen closely increasingly grow in quantity, but the person that walks into close pine truly is very few can count, the deficient of the truth often gives plot to talk more spaces. Destroy arteries and veins of holy hill dragon to lack an environment to evaluate enterprise society responsibility to fulfill wait for a view to twine project of close loose hydroelectric station all the time not quite. Recently, author group visits survey in close pine, hope can a few more reductive the truth that was not revealed.

Is close pine bethel?

Close pine is the meaning that converge is in in local language, be located in Ke Qinbang to the prefecture where the provincial capital is located to raise that city north closely 42 kilometers. The affluent favour plum of the river end Yiluowa opens Jiang Hemai to establish a river to be in this is confluent, form the view of hill of 2 water annulus. And the view that this ground is arteries and veins of dragon of hill of emperor of the person that overcome admire, some closer year be acclaimed very h[......]

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